Experimenting with the Backsplashes for Kitchen Renovation

What is a backsplash? Why is giving it a retouch important in a kitchen renovation? Well, a backsplash can be defined as a vertical extension, usually to a kitchen or bathroom counter. If you can think a little out-of-the-box, backsplashes can further be the ideal canvases for making your kitchen aesthetically appealing. From traditional subway tile to tiny glass mosaic and colorful ceramic tile, you will have endless options to explore.

Our home renovation Toronto experts are quite efficient in backsplash installations. They use advanced equipment and technology to finish the installation work within a short time frame.

  • Why are Backsplash Installation and Remodeling Very Important in Kitchen Renovation?

The kitchen in a house gets the most amount of water and spillage abuse. So, it is extremely important to have a backsplash along the back of your kitchen’s countertop. You may be confident about controlling the water and spillage, but it is not possible to keep a check on the amount of moisture and stain always. Besides, the wall can get damaged from the items pushed accidentally against it (knives, food items, and more). Therefore, according to our home renovation Toronto experts, your kitchen renovation work will be incomplete without backsplash installation.

  • Use Veneer Brick for a Rustic Feel:

How about doing the backsplash of your kitchen with veneer bricks? Our kitchen renovation experts just love veneer bricks for the ease of installation and the charm these exude. Besides, veneer bricks have a sleek appearance and hence fit in any space quite conveniently. Further, these impart a seamless look to gel well with the overall interior of your kitchen.

  • Windows for Backsplash: Our Home Renovation Toronto Experts Go Innovative:

You don’t need to put a limit on your kitchen renovation ideas with our experts. Your kitchen backsplash always does not need to be a solid wall. Get a window installed at the back of your countertop to make the space more bright and airy. Our home renovation Toronto experts will further complete the installation task according to the local planning guidelines.

  • Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Use decorative tiles for the backsplash if you have a slim budget for kitchen renovation. These will help create a timeless look for your kitchen. Besides, these are easy to install and cut. So, our home renovation Toronto experts experience a high enjoy-to-work ratio while doing the backsplash with decorative tiles.

  • Get it Done with Stone

Using stones for backsplash is quite in vogue these days. Especially, people who love a distinguished European vibe will surely love stone backsplashes. Besides, the distinct look and warmth of real stones will add a cozy vibe to your beautiful kitchen.

  • Mirror Backsplash for a Modern Kitchen

Does your kitchen have a low-lighting condition? You can easily make up for the lack of light by using a mirror backsplash. It will lighten the space and impart a modern touch to the overall look. Besides, our home renovation Toronto experts can customize your mirror backsplash so that you can use it for hanging utensils and other kitchen tools.

  • Wallpaper

Easy-to-install wallpapers are absolute favorites among the modern homeowners of Toronto. These add a sudden pop of color to your cooking space. During a kitchen renovation, choose a wallpaper that is durable and high-tech. Besides, it should be easy to remove and should not leave any residue when peeled off.

  • Pegboard

Getting a pegboard backsplash is highly recommended for a kitchen renovation. Our home renovation Toronto experts say that pegboard is quite budget-friendly, paintable, and easy to install. Besides, it helps to make a statement. You can paint a pegboard backsplash in soft pastel if you want to create a vintage look. To add an industrial edge, you can go for dark colors and accents with raw metals. Moreover, a pegboard kitchen can be used for keeping your essentials organized.

  • Plywood Backsplash:

If chic is your mantra, consider opting for plywood backsplash. Our home renovation Toronto experts also suggest it for being cost-effective. They further help the homeowners to understand the different grades of plywood and their applications. A thorough knowledge of plywood is further important for the proper execution of the job.

  • Choose Peel-and-Stick Tiles for Backsplash:

Homeowners, who want to replicate the look and feel of a luxury tile at a lesser cost, can opt for peel-and-stick tiles. The tiles are easy to apply with a simple peel and stick mechanism. Besides, these can be installed over many surfaces, including existing tiles. Further, these can boost the aesthetic value of your kitchen.

  • Going Creative by Using Pennies for Backsplash:

Are you planning to give your kitchen a classic touch? You can get the backsplash of your kitchen made with pennies by our kitchen renovation experts. The process of installation, in this case, will be a little lengthy. However, the final look is worth the pain.

  • Chalkboard

Spruce up your kitchen by opting for chalkboard paint for the backsplashes. Apart from giving your kitchen a trendy look, it will be quite useful for you. You can jot down your daily menu and grocery lists or some happy quotes on it to cheer you up. As a result, your morning coffee time will be all the more refreshing for you.

  • How About Some Victorian Charm?

Are you in love with the style of an old-world Victorian-style farmhouse? Then, opt for the Victorian chic tile backsplash. Our kitchen renovation experts prefer using delicate patterns and muted colors to create the magic of the by-gone era. They also prefer soft blue and natural wood accents. Further, the Victorian chic backsplashes gel quite well with the contemporary elements and modern appliances. As a result, the kitchen looks aesthetic but not dated.

  • Art Deco Tile Backsplash

If you love geometric styles, sharp lines, and bold colors, go for Art Deco tile backsplashes. These tiles are not overwhelming in appearance; rather, they seamlessly gel with the overall look of your kitchen. Our home renovation Toronto experts suggest choosing colors for tiles aligned with the shades of cabinets and countertops for an overall cohesiveness.

  • Conclusion:

Now, you know the ideas shared by our kitchen renovation experts for remodeling the backsplash. So, how about getting your kitchen a fresh new lease of life today? For assistance, you can always reach out to us. Just explain your requirements to us and see how we can bring a sea of changes to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen.

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