Best Flooring Options for Your Home

Regardless of the space in which it is located, the flooring sets the tone. Additionally, it is one of the more permanent features of a defined area. According to the Home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction, you can’t pick up one of these cheap flooring choices at random and expect it to work in any room. Choosing the right flooring solution is especially crucial for kitchen renovation and bathroom remodeling. Choosing the right type of flooring for a particular room can be difficult because each type comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Flooring to Consider

Every room requires a different type of flooring. For example, hardwood is consistently popular due to its warm, classic appearance, but it doesn’t hold up well to moisture or rough handling. So this type of flooring is not ideal for kitchen renovation. Here are the pros, cons of some popular types of flooring, as well as some ideas about which are the best flooring options for specific areas.


In the U.S., solid wood flooring has been a popular choice for decades. This type of flooring is built by nailing wood boards to a wooden subfloor between 0.5 and 0.75 inches thick.


The beauty of solid wood flooring can be adapted to any home style and decor. Furthermore, it is easy to refinish it up to five times to repair scratches on the surface. Home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction say that hardwood floors increase the value of a home as well.


The main disadvantage of solid hardwood floors is that they don’t stand up well to rough handling. The wood can warp if it is exposed to water for a long period of time, so this type of flooring is not ideal for kitchen renovation. Temperature changes can cause them to shrink and swell, and they’re prone to scratches and dents. Home renovation experts from Astaneh Construction say that they need to be refinished as often as every 10 years to maintain their appearance.


Bamboo is a fast-growing grass with the appearance and feel of hardwood. Recently, it has become popular as an eco-friendly alternative to wood floors. However, Home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction warn that it’s not always a greener choice.


A bamboo floor is more moisture-resistant than a wood floor. It is available in easy-to-install forms, just like engineered wood. You can maintain it just like solid or engineered hardwoods, and you can easily refinish it. This type of flooring is ideal for kitchen renovation.


Although bamboo is a renewable resource, most bamboo planks are made in Asia and shipped from there, which increases their carbon footprint. In addition, many bamboo farmers use fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful to the environment. Additionally, some manufacturers of bamboo flooring use glues that contain harmful formaldehyde. If you’re considering bamboo flooring, it is recommended you talk to Home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction about its origins and production to make sure it’s as green as hardwood.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is made from clay and shale, both of which are fired in kilns like pottery. It comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. It’s important to make sure the ceramic tiles you buy are approved for use on the floor.


There are four main types of ceramic tile:

  • Glazed Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Quarry Tile
  • Terracotta


Floor tile is available in many colors and shapes, so it can match any style of home. Modern printing technology makes it possible to create ceramic tiles with virtually any pattern. It can look like natural stone or even wood, but it won’t feel like it.


Tile feels cold and hard underfoot, and it makes footsteps sound louder. According to the Home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction, glazed ceramic tile can also be slippery unless it’s coated with a special anti-slip finish. Therefore, this type of flooring is not ideal for kitchen renovation. Tiles are durable, but you will need assistance from experts for installing tiles.


Laminate is a good material for high-traffic areas such as kitchen, playroom, and foyer. You can consider this type of flooring for kitchen renovation. Laminate flooring consists of a thin veneer over layers of plywood or compressed fiber, much like engineered wood. However, the top layer is not wood, but rather a photograph underneath a clear plastic coating. As a result, laminate can look like wood, stone, tile, or just about anything else.


Floors made of laminate can mimic the look of wood or stone for much less money. They are also easy to maintain and clean. Laminates are hard, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant materials. According to the Home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction, you can easily install it over an existing floor, saving both time and money.


Laminate can be slippery when wet, just like tile. So this type of flooring is not ideal for kitchen renovation. According to Home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction, it won’t hold up well in wet environments, such as a moist basement. Laminate cannot be refinished, only replaced, so it is a less cost-effective choice than wood or tile in the long run.


Bedrooms and living rooms are perennial favorites for wall-to-wall carpeting. Soft fibers, like wool or nylon, are pulled through a woven backing, and then additional layers are glued on to strengthen the material. The carpet is installed by nailing it down over a layer of padding, which adds cushioning and prolongs the life of the carpet.


There are many different types of carpet available, including carpet in a variety of colors, textures, and materials. It can be made from:

  • Wool
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene

The thickness and fiber density of carpets vary. In general, the higher the carpet’s density, the more durable it will be.


It feels warm and soft underfoot, and hence carpet is so popular. Additionally, it is quiet, slip-resistant, and fairly easy to install. So this type of flooring is ideal for kitchen renovation.


Carpets are more difficult to clean than hard floors. According to the Home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction, regular vacuuming isn’t enough to remove all of the dirt that accumulates. Also, it is prone to staining. Carpet fiber can harbor allergens such as pollen and pet dander, making it a bad choice for allergy sufferers.


The flooring options listed here are among the most popular, but they’re not the only ones. Many other flooring types are also available, such as stone tile, stained concrete, terrazzo, and rubber flooring, which can be found in decorating magazines and websites. Don’t hesitate to explore alternative options if nothing in the standard options catches your attention.

You might also consider refinishing or painting your old floors if you’re on a tight budget. A worn-out hardwood floor can be refinished for a lot less than replacing it, even if you have to hire a professional.

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