Aside from the big ideas for home renovation Toronto residents like – the small things also count.


It’s one thing for a professional renovator to come to homeowners in the GTA with larger-than-life ideas for expansive spaces. It’s quite another when the challenge is more restricted and contained. Focus on adding investment value to your house, townhouse, or condo via numerous small changes can make an enormous difference. Indeed, in cases like this, the devil’s in the details. Any remodeler who doesn’t understand that, has lost the plot. It doesn’t matter if the construction under consideration is a progression to a home renovation that includes sub-sections like a kitchen renovationbathroom renovation, and basement renovation, attention to eye-catching, magnetic single features to highlight the overall impression is vital. Astute remodelers have proven time-and-again that micro-focus on these ‘enhancers” creates a bigger reward than they appear to offer when viewed individually.

Our research unearthed some fantastic ideas that will fuel the bigger plans and seamlessly merge into a full renovation to give it that “wow” factor. That’s in addition to creating a property:

  • That’s easier to sell
  • With increased net dollar value
  • Providing more functionality and live-in comfort
  • Standing out with exceptional aesthetics

Interestingly, you can gradually integrate some of the concepts you see below to suit your wallet without disrupting the family routine. Admittedly, it takes more time and much patience. However, after completing your alterations, you can stand back and enjoy a stunning whole house renovation that owes its outcome to these separate activities. The secret to success going in this direction is:

  1. A reputable renovator and remodeler like Astaneh Construction should be on the same page as you from the first day. Whether you take it into your planning in a fell-swoop or one sub-project at a time, you won’t find a better listener than this team. CEO Hamed Astaneh stands proudly behind the brand name, attending fastidiously to every detail as changes go through the process.
  2. Somewhat abandoning the traditional approach that relies on an integrated broader renovation, not to lose the central theme. Generally, it’s a sound way of going about things, but you certainly can pick and choose your spots with an entire house landscape in your vision. Suppose your remodelling partner is on the project bandwagon when it leaves the first station. In that case, your whole house renovation will still work out amazingly no matter how slow the journey.

Astaneh Construction has done things both ways with equally impressive results. The following are individual focus actions that help your lifestyle goals when both piecemeal or comprehensive strategies enter the picture. Some are surprisingly affordable, stamping the alterations as “too good to be true” – but true it is. It all begins with an innovative renovator (like Astaneh Construction) that has unique skills. They see gaps for creating mind-boggling new looks with old and trusted methods like a paint job, changing a fixture here and there, or shifting things around seamlessly and fast. Here are some of them:

1.   Half-sized closets changing to Double-sized closets

Aside from the big ideas for home renovation Toronto residents like - the small things also count.

Adequate storage is a high-demand commodity, especially in limited space residences. It comes to the surface quickly whenever a home comes onto the market, and in some cases, it may well be the decider between two close options. That aside, clutter is a consistent disruptor of clean aesthetics. It connects directly to closet space unable to meet family attempts to stay tidy. Ask most homeowners, and they point to bedroom mess as a consistent headache.

Astaneh construction tells us that converting half-closets into double-sized closets in bedroom renovation as a starting point attacks this problem at the core. From there, they conduct a room-by-room audit looking for every nook and cranny that presents storage options. Homeowners generally can’t detect that removing a non-load-bearing wall between adjacent bedrooms can turn two cramped closet spaces into a substantial double-spaced storage unit. Says Hamed, “Taking down the middle wall creates an instant revelation in bedroom functionality.”  Another biggie in the storage category that professionals love is basement renovation – a natural accommodation in Toronto houses.

2.   The Kitchen Island

Aside from the big ideas for home renovation Toronto residents like - the small things also count.

A kitchen renovation is at the center of any whole home renovation, and the beacon feature of every kitchen is the island. Here are the overlapping signs of neglected islands in your home:

  1. Your family and friends are not using it.
  2. Most of the time, it’s a receptor place for the mail or groceries.
  3. It’s uninviting because it’s simply too small, with ineffective lighting.
  4. Materials on the island are outdated and aesthetically drab.
  5. The positioning is awkward and not making full use of the space.
  6. Absence of seating and a sink makes it inconvenient for casual eating.

Astaneh Construction makes this point:

Suppose one can change a single forgotten kitchen substructure into one that can add substantially to your life-quality and asset value? Frequently, the island is it and therefore a priority consideration. A kitchen island remodel should always include:

  • Adding a countertop using the latest in exotic or modern synthetic materials.
  • Ensuring an overhang that promotes intimate seating at the bar.
  • The latest in single- and double-sinks for easy washing.
  • Getting the latest conveniences like a garbage disposal unit into the mix.
  • Recessed lighting that substitutes pendant lighting, or integrates with it.
  • Tech-age faucets that look sleek in stainless steel or space-age metals.
  • Expanding the area size to the max
  • Clean lines that align with a counter depth refrigerator (with or without a freezer).

3. Unsightly accent walls.

Aside from the big ideas for home renovation Toronto residents like - the small things also count.

Astaneh Construction’s CEO Hamed tells us the story of a living room section that was an unholy mess, making the ceiling height seem lower than what it was. “It was so chaotic, I hardly knew where to start,” says Hamed. “After careful evaluation of this eyesore, I realized that a wall change alone would solve ninety-five percent of the problems.”

The Astaneh Construction team worked off grid-like lines, vertical and horizontal, to converge on simplicity. An approach like this creates a sense of organization, capturing the trend toward minimization with remodelling changes. A fast paint job in light colours, matching wall and ceiling, changed the room’s entire feel. “What we did,” says Hamed, “is remove the horizontals making the ceiling appear higher than it was in reality.”


Whole house renovation involves scores of sub-projects that merge for a dream vision if your renovation partner connects to your thinking. How much to renovate is almost like asking, “How long is a piece of string?” If you have the budget, there’s generally no end to the list. However, there’s no such thing as an open chequebook for most of us. We suggest starting with the small things that cover the most mileage value- and comfort-wise. You can achieve these in a kitchen renovation, basement renovation, bathroom remodels – in fact, in any room.

There are hundreds of small things (not mentioned above) sticking out, like:

  • Smart thermostat changes
  • Kitchen wall cabinets
  • Erasing ugly fireplaces
  • Turning unsightly brick walls into focal features

The opportunities are endless. We suggest partnering with a company like Astaneh Construction to guide the process and pick the easy spots. The line of least resistance and an expert who knows his way around home renovation Toronto style will give you the motivation and traction you deserve and expect. Remember, big visions are a combination of numerous small projects – the essence of a rewarding homeowner experience.

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