How to complete a whole house renovation with less stress and hassle in Toronto

Renovation is alive and well in the GTA.


The COVID-19 pandemic has tested our stress levels with homebound social distancing like never before. Little wonder that everyone seems to be tripping over themselves to make walking through the front door like a breath of fresh air. Remodelling one’s residence has built a crazy momentum as families cry out to open things up.

The top priority space in any whole house renovation qualifying for a facelift is the kitchen. See the Astaneh Construction dedicated articles on kitchen renovation . They focus on everything to do with this magnet room at the center of hosting friends and family. It teaches us a lot about renovating the rest of the house and a methodical approach to this huge-scale project. We’re talking here about bathrooms, the kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, passages, reception areas, and basement renovation. Phew! A whole house renovation is not for the fainthearted, but it’s not as daunting as it seems at first glance if you venture into it the right way.

A methodical approach to a whole house renovation.

a. The first thing on your agenda


Connect yourself to a standout renovation partner. It was the make-or-break of the kitchen undertaking covered in Part-1 (see above), but this again is a different ballgame. The driving “partner characteristics” that will guide you through a somewhat bumpy road are crucial considerations. See as follows:

  • Impressive vendor contacts for industry-best materials
  • Verifiable construction management skills
  • Comprehensive experience in the single-family, townhouse, and condo sectors.
  • Design flair that’s practical and budget-centric.
  • Pinpoint focus on details when ordering and checking receipt of materials.
  • Unsurpassed integrity demonstrated by:
  • No problem kicking off with a no-obligation, free consultation.
  • A leaning toward saving you money, not spending more.
  • Going the extra mile to make sure that what you paid for is delivered as expected.

b. Visualize, Visualize, Visualize!

Without a competent remodelling resource, it’s impossible to get a vision of the job. There’s a difference between a general fix-up and a full-blown renovation. Perhaps the best solution is something in-between? Our discussions with Astaneh Construction (in their Yonge Street Toronto offices) indicated that they always advise clients to envision the look and ultimate result before diving in. They want to make sure that all parties are on the same page and ready for an engaging experience.

c. Don’t forget about the budget!

Naturally, stepping into the milieu involves relating the renovation to your budget. We showed that a kitchen project with a competent company like Astaneh Construction alone could end up at $70,000 and even go into six digits. A whole house renovation Toronto style that also covers bathroom renovation and basement renovation will surely take you into the latter’s territory. If their experience counts for anything, your remodelers can tell you which aspects add asset value to your home and the ones that contribute little or nothing. The kitchen renovation and bathrooms are top of the priority list, but that doesn’t mean it includes every item in those high-vision spaces. For example, you don’t have to waste funds on high-end appliances and faucets if the remodelers know their stuff. It’s these kinds of things where they’ll save you dollars big time.

d. Ignore “theme” at your peril.

One big no-no is theme confusion. Decide upfront if you’re going modern, contemporary, or traditional. Once your mind’s set, hold on to the style as a common thread throughout. The minimalist look is the big favourite going into the 2020s, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The thing is that exceptional renovations stand head-and-shoulders above the herd when the theme is consistent and clear to your family and friends. It must also tie into your sensitivities, lifestyle, and creature comfort from every angle. So, there’s quite a bit to keep in mind from end-to-end.

e. Thinking ahead is critical.

Here are three questions and answers to put you on track:

1- Are you doing this to sell the home for maximum return?

Many investors enter the market to buy rundown, “ugly” houses to take advantage of renovation upliftment. Even if this isn’t you, take a page out of their book. Yes, living better is a fundamental goal, but that doesn’t mean that arguably the most significant asset in your life shouldn’t pay its way down the line.

2- Is an expanded family in the mix?

If so, extra bedrooms, bathrooms, and a welcoming basement may come under consideration. Also, Toronto ushers in amazing summers. Think about an outdoor kitchen area, and if the garden’s big enough, a pool.

3- Conversely, you love your house, you want to stay there for as long as you can, but the kids are going out into the world independently. Last time you checked, there were vacant rooms all over the show. An empty nester outlook demands serious remodelling around possibly a new theme you and your spouse want to live with in your maturing years.


f. Cash flow is frequently time-sensitive.

If that’s the case, be realistic about it and divide the renovation into phases that suit your bank account. Running out of money in the middle of a kitchen renovation or basement renovation with mess and dust disrupting your life is a nightmare. Avoid it at all costs. It’s another reason that your remodeller partner should be there from day one to give a down-to-earth whole house renovation budget review removed from excessive optimism. In speaking to Astaneh Construction, they pointed this out as a necessary checklist item.

g. Make the best of what’s there now in your whole house renovation.

Few of us can say, “money is no obstacle.” A big saver is using the layout that’s there wherever possible. Reinventing the wheel in an existing structure can become inhibitively expensive – any professional renovation team worth their salt will tell you that. They should know how turning things upside down will impact your budget and advise accordingly.

The founder and CEO of Astaneh Construction, Hamed Astaneh, made one emphatic point, saying, “Don’t let cheap become expensive by stinting on materials where the emphasis demands better quality.” He explained that wood flooring, tiles, cabinetry, natural and synthetic stone are integral parts of the renovation’s enrichment. They can create meaningful interest when vying for prospective buyers.

Conclusion – Staying practical throughout deflects nasty surprises

Finally, aesthetics sometimes blind us from looking at functionality. Can you imagine settling into your newly designed living spaces only to find the air conditioning is inadequate? That, or smells from your ultra-sleek kitchen circling back to a remodeler that didn’t appreciate the importance of ventilation. Finding out long after they’ve cleaned up and cleared out isn’t a scenario anyone should experience. Astaneh’s post-remodelling conduct proves the benefit of working with a genuine professional. They guarantee their craftsmanship for a year after completion for any whole house renovation. It’s a feather in their cap that they have clients using their services many times over for kitchen renovation, basement renovation, and home renovation Toronto style in every direction.

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