Cool Kitchen Renovation Ideas for a Small Kitchen

The kitchen is the space, which unites the members of a family together. The banters and anecdotes you share with your loved ones while eating the meals make the bond stronger. Do you have a small and cozy kitchen? Do you want to spruce it up with some cool kitchen renovation ideas? The home renovation Toronto experts at Astaneh Construction are sharing some helpful ideas to transform your space. Let’s have a look at what they have to say. But, let discuss some important things to keep in mind at first.

While planning kitchen renovation for a small cooking place, you need smart thinking. Only a well-chalked strategy can make a cooking space aesthetically pleasing and functional. No need to assume that limited space can affect the functionalities. Our kitchen renovation and home renovation Toronto experts know how to make the most of a small space and transform it into something wondrous. Read on as some really fun ideas are waiting for you.

  • How about getting a gallery or island layout?

Gallery and island layouts are meant for small kitchen renovation works. The home renovation Toronto experts at Astaneh Construction also love these two layout designs. A gallery layout is also known as a corridor kitchen. It comes with counters on either side of the hallway. One of the counters is perfect for activity-oriented services, such as a dishwasher, sink, cooktop, and others. Besides, the other counter includes cabinets, refrigerator, meals corners, countertops, etc. Our experts say that the other counter acts almost like a wall.

What is an island layout? It’s a versatile design and is ideal for both small and large kitchen renovation. According to our home renovation Toronto specialists, most of the kitchen appliances are installed in the kitchen island to make it the functional centre. So, you will get some extra floor area for easy movement.

  • Be Smart with Storage:

A small kitchen may always make you worried about the available storage space. The renovators at Astaneh Construction have also noticed that the working area gets reduced when one is trying to increase the storage space during a kitchen renovation. So, it’s important to conceive and implement some innovative ideas to make the optimal use of the existing storage space available. Our home renovation Toronto experts advise using custom cabinets to make the most of every inch available in your kitchen. It’s time to get inspired!

You can use dividers, trays, and shelves in the drawers and pantry cabinets to make smart utilization of the space. Use each section to store specific items in an organized manner. A clutter-free and organized storage always helps to keep a tiny space functional. Read on to know some more ideas to optimize the available storage space.

1- Want to utilize the space between cabinets, appliances, and walls? Our Astaneh Construction experts suggest installing hide panels or sliding panels in those areas. You can use these racks for keeping bottles, spices, jars, and other essentials. This is a simple but effective kitchen renovation idea to maximize the space.

2- Cabinets always leave few inches above the floor. You can even use that space with smart thinking. Get a drawer installed there. And then, store the baking molds, flat plans, and other essential items.

3- If your small kitchen has a low ceiling, install a ceiling-high kitchen cabinet. It creates the illusion of a taller space. Besides, it helps to keep your working area completely clutter-free. Our Astaneh Construction kitchen renovation experts suggest that ceiling-high kitchen cabinets are ideal if the ceiling is eight to ten feet tall. The task of ceiling-high cabinet installation is thorough, and it demands professional skills. Our home renovation Toronto experts at Astaneh Construction will perform the task with matchless efficacy to make the maximum utilization of your kitchen space.

4- In order to make a small kitchen look bigger, you can choose a glass front or mirrored glass cabinet. You can keep all your essentials in those and augment the visual appeal of your kitchen at the same time. If your cabinet boxes are in proper condition, just get the solid cabinet doors replaced with glass or mirrors. Glass doors draw our attention to the depth of the cabinets beyond the frames and give the impression of a bigger space. Besides, the mirror doors reflect the space in front to make the space look bigger.

5- You can even go for open shelves in your kitchen. Open shelves help any space appear bigger and offer copious storage space simultaneously. Especially, you can augment the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and impress the guests by displaying tour best crockeries, cutleries, or other décor items in those.

  • Keep Space for Movement:

While planning a small kitchen remodeling, our home renovation Toronto experts always emphasize the importance of keeping the walkways wide. Ideally, the foot area or the way throughout the space should be 3 feet wide, at least. You can even consult our Astaneh Construction renovators to decide whether a one-cook or two-cook configuration will be suitable according to the space available in your kitchen.

  • Make Changes in the Flooring:

Having the most suitable flooring material is important while planning a kitchen remodeling. It is the first thing that will draw your attention when you walk into a kitchen. The renovators at Astaneh Construction suggest using vinyl, laminate, cork, or hardwood to enhance the aesthetics and functionality.

You should be very careful about choosing the pattern and pick ones which will give the flooring area a bigger look. Patterns that create the illusion of a bigger space are chevrons, side-to-side stripes, checkerboards, and diamonds. The low-contrast colors are usually ideal for small kitchens. However, you can seek help from your renovator to choose the perfect flooring color and pattern according to the style of your room.

Along with the above-mentioned kitchen and home renovation Toronto ideas, fresh coats of paints can make your small kitchen look bigger. Use soothing shades while painting the walls and ceiling of your kitchen. The lighter shades always encourage better light play. As a result, the room appears larger without much endeavor. The perfect color schemes for painting a small kitchen are soft grey, pale green, beige, ivory, light blue, and other neutral shades. You can use an accent of bright hues to experiment with the look or use fun stencil arts for a funky touch.

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