These 6 economical home renovation ideas will beautify your home!

If there’s one thing that every designer, contractor, and homeowner can agree on, it’s this: a home renovation in Toronto is expensive.

No matter if you’re just refurbishing your kitchen, remodelling your bathroom, or simply doing a gut overhaul – it’s going to cost you some big bucks to make your home look up to date.

This is why professionals are always looking for simple home renovation ideas that are cost-effective, impactful, and easy to implement. If you’re searching for them, then you’re at the right place. Below, we at Astaneh Construction will be sharing 5 economical home renovation ideas that will beautify your home without busting your bank account:

  • A simple paint makeover

Nothing can change the face of a space more than a good paint job. You need to understand the psychology and impact of colours on space in order to make the best of this idea.

For example, painting a small living room in warm white hues can make it feel welcoming a spacious. Painting the feature wall in darker colours can make a large space feel intimate. Similarly, painting the ceiling in dark colour while leaving the rest of the walls white can make a room feel cozier and make the ceiling feel lower. Similarly, just painting the lower half of tall walls in darker shades can make the room feel moderate sized.

These wall painting tips and tricks never fail to change the overall ambiance of a home, and are an economical way to carry out a home renovation in Toronto.

  • A sleek media wall

A minimalistic media wall is an excellent home renovation addition. If your design is simple, you can get it made in an economical budget and make your living rooms or bedrooms feel fresher than ever.

In terms of simple media walls, you can opt for something like a floating console. A chipboard or MDF installation with plain matte laminate can also make a nice impact. You can even buy vintage style consoles to place underneath a wall mount LCD screen. It’s an easy intervention, but it certainly has a smooth impact.

  • Budget-friendly kitchen renovation

Taking up around 30% of your allocated budget, cabinetry can be one of the most bank busting aspects of a home renovation – especially if you’re doing a gut remodel and need to tear everything down.

The most economical way to avoid this while still getting some amazing results is by foregoing brand new cabinet carpentry and simply refurbishing the cabinet facades. A neat coat of paint and not only restore the visual integrity of your space, but will also make the cabinets look good as new. This kitchen renovation hack is especially tried and true, always resulting in excellent results while keeping the budget in check.

  • A gallery wall

A classy gallery wall has the ability to add so much personality to a space. The great thing about this venture is that you can always reframe all your old favourites and crate a gorgeous mix-and-match effect!

If you have a plain wall in your home that needs a little sprucing up, then you can create an artsy gallery wall on it. There are many thrift store or vintage frame finds that can help add character to such walls. You can also opt for an artistic combination of wall hangings, photo frames, and paintings to create an eclectic ambiance. It’s all about adding interest in your space within a budget, and this is one of the easiest ways to do so.

  • Minor furniture replacements

Some minor furniture replacements can go a long way in making your homes feel brand new. Home renovation in Toronto can take lots of shapes, and this makeover idea is often overlooked in lieu of bigger and more permanent changes. But do note that switching your old stuffed-to-the-brim loveseat with something sleek and modern can make your living room feel brand new.

Similarly, replacing your old bed with a traditional wooden headboard with something that features fabric tufting can make your bedrooms feel positively royal. Adding a wall-mount bench to your dining nook instead of using typical chairs is also a great idea! Investing in a storage piece or two is also an excellent way of reducing physical clutter. These furniture interventions may seem small, but they do pack a big punch!

  • Mirror installations

Last, but not the least, you can always add reflective mirrors to your home renovation in order to imbue glamour and ritziness in your spaces. Additionally, these mirrors have an added bonus of reflecting light, which not only brightens up the room, but also makes it feel spacious. This mirror hack would work especially well if you’ve decided to paint your room in dark shades despite it being small or medium sized.

These small tips and tricks are the scaffolding of economical interior designing. With their help, you can create a great atmosphere that complements the dimensions of your space while respecting your budget. We, at Astaneh Construction  are here to guide you through them all.

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