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Home renovation costs in Toronto vary between $120 and $400 per square foot. Project size, materials, and location are all factors that can affect the costs. Astaneh Construction values transparent communication and offers honest quotes. Our team has put together a thorough renovation price list to make sure you have all the information you need for your project.

Full Home Renovation

A full home renovation can take anywhere from three months to a year to complete. Whole house renovation costs involve gutting the whole house, materials, labour, permits, home additions, floor plan changes, and home detailing.

Full Home Renovation Costs in Toronto

Full Home Renovation (2,000 sq.ft.)
* includes 700 sq.ft. basement
$450,000 $550,000+

Main Floor Renovation

A main floor renovation may involve making alterations to its structure and layout. Based on your goals, vision, and the needs of your home, this may involve adding separate entrances, dividing spaces, expanding kitchens, or adding bathrooms. Custom millwork, wall units, and electrical upgrades may result in extra expenses.

Main Floor Renovation Costs in Toronto

Main Floor Renovation (850 sq.ft.) $190,000 $240,000+
Installing Gas Fireplace & Decorative Surround $12,000 $30,000+
Replace ground to 2nd floor stairs and guardrails $12,000 $28,000+
Electrical and/or Smart Home AV Electronics $4,000 $29,000+
Custom Millwork/Wall Unit $6,000 $40,000+

Home Addition

Transform your home by adding bedrooms, lofts, in-law quarters, craft areas, kitchens, bathrooms, a gym, or even a theater room. Astaneh Construction allows you to customize your space exactly the way you want.

Home Addition Costs in Toronto

One Storey Addition $350,000 $420,000+
Two Storey Addition $780,000 $850,000+
Third Floor Addition (400 sq.ft.) $360,000 $400,000+

Basement Renovation

Astaneh Construction has a reputation for transforming unfinished or vacant basements into fully equipped living areas with separate entrances, extra rooms, fireplaces, and ample storage. We address issues that inexperienced renovators may overlook, including basement humidity, water infiltration, and foundation cracks.

Basement Renovation Costs in Toronto

Basement Renovation (800 sq.ft.) $250,000+ $300,000+
Basement Underpinning on slab (additional to renovation costs) $75,000 $85,000+

Kitchen Renovation

The cost of renovating a kitchen in Toronto depends on the kitchen’s size, the choice between luxury or standard finishes, and added details such as custom cabinets and high-quality appliances. Structural changes that involve moving walls or updating plumbing and electrical systems can also affect the overall cost.

Kitchen Renovation Costs in Toronto

L-Shape Custom Kitchen with Island (200 sq.ft) $45,000 $75,000+
New Appliances $6,000 $55,000+
Wall Removal $10,000 $15,000+

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations involve updating existing bathrooms with new tiles, showers, baths, electrical fittings, sinks, and toilets. There are different types and sizes of bathrooms, such as half-baths, powder rooms, three-piece bathrooms, four-piece bathrooms, and ensuite. Each type has its own unique cost considerations.

Bathroom Renovation Costs in Toronto

Powder Room (50 sq.ft.) $8,500 $14,500+
3-Piece Basement Bathroom $24,000 $29,500+
3-Piece Shared Bathroom $27,000 $34,000+
4-Piece Master Ensuite $35,000 $46,000+

Home Restoration/Rebuild Projects

Our rebuilding services involve restoring an old, unfunctional  home, to its former beauty. This includes kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, and basement renovations. We provide step-by-step customized attention from planning to completion. Additional costs may apply for foundation work and demolition.

Home Restoration/Rebuild Costs in Toronto

Rebuild Projects (2,900 sq.ft.) $1,200,000 $1,600,000+

Complete Condo Renovation

We specialize in complete condo renovations to optimize space and flow in your condo. Condo renovations are more complex as there are limitations and condo board rules to follow, but the Astaneh Construction team can take existing, small layouts and transform them based on your vision.

Condo Renovation Costs in Toronto

Complete Condo Renovation (1000 sq.ft.) $165,000 $240,000+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Home additions can significantly enhance your home’s market value. Home additions not only increase space but also boost property value through the integration of smart technologies, modern architecture, and upgraded electrical systems.

On estimate, it can cost between $48,000 and $160,000 to build a 20 x 20 room. This is based on the average cost of renovation per square foot in Toronto. The project’s specific details, such as materials, electrical components, plumbing, and location, all impact the total cost.

The kitchen is usually the most expensive part of a homeowner’s budget. Kitchen renovations can include plumbing, electrical work, and even structural changes. The appliances, cabinets, and countertops also contribute to the overall cost of a kitchen renovation.

Renovations can greatly improve your lifestyle and add value to your home, making them a worthwhile investment. When you collaborate with a renowned renovation contractor like Astaneh Construction, you have the chance to fully customize your home and make a profitable investment in your property.

Deciding whether to renovate or move depends on personal factors like your budget, lifestyle, and location. With the rising average home prices in Toronto reaching a staggering $1,093,000, choosing to renovate over moving may be the more affordable option. Renovating before choosing to sell also presents an opportunity to boost the overall value of your property.

Renovations that add the most value involve updating the kitchen, bathroom, and painting the inside and outside of the house. Other valuable renovations include adding storage space, updating lighting, kitchen countertop upgrades, and flooring updates.

Yes, one of the most effective ways to boost your home’s value is by investing in a kitchen renovation. Upgrading appliances, maximizing counter space, optimizing lighting, and enhancing the overall design all contribute to attracting more potential buyers and ultimately increasing the value and selling price of the home.

Our Astaneh Construction team can help you calculate your home renovation costs based on the project’s size, your budget, and your home’s resale value. We maintain records of all financial transactions from start to finish. After our initial consultation, we will provide you with a detailed cost breakdown and actively collaborate with you to stay within your budget and support you in making well-informed choices.

Think about the most important rooms in your house and what can bring the most value. For example, if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and enjoy hosting guests, we suggest investing more in this room vs. an un-used room such as a barely used second  bathroom.

Our Kitchen Renovation and Bathroom Renovation Craftsmanship will blow you away!


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