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The expenditure of homeowners for a kitchen renovation and home remodeling project is soaring higher and higher with each passing day. Does it mean that homeowners are becoming skeptical about availing of home renovation Toronto services? The answer is NO.

Many homeowners are giving the aspect of boosting the resell value of their property the utmost importance. They know that assistance from a reliable home renovation Toronto consultant will help them find the key to economic affluence by maximizing the possibility of return on their investment for home remodeling.

Our home renovation Toronto experts further suggest that whether it is a basement remodeling project or a kitchen renovation task, it is important to know the upgrades that can actually add value to the existing property.  Besides, they harp on the importance of regular care and maintenance with the help of professional experts to maintain the aesthetics and functionalities of different sections of your house.

  • Our Home and Kitchen Renovation Experts Share Some Ideas:

Realizing the surging importance of home renovation Toronto service in enhancing property value, even the most obstinate homeowners are seeking assistance nowadays. Our experts in kitchen renovation and home remodeling are further putting emphasis on innovative ideas for the successful value addition to your existing space.

  • Add More Physical Square Footage or Make the Home Appear More Spacious

To boost the value of your property, you need to think from a buyer’s perspective. Our home renovation Toronto experts say that prospective buyers always prefer spacious houses over stuffy ones.  As a result, you should go for adding some apparent square footage to your house. For example, you can consider adding a patio or an additional room that can be used as a living room or a space to appreciate the beauty of your garden.

Further, let us check some other ideas shared by our home renovation Toronto experts to make your home look spacious.

  1. Keep the Ceiling of Your Living Room Low

Our home and kitchen renovation experts say that modern homeowners prefer to keep the ceiling of their living room low. This latest trend in home renovation Toronto imparts a more intimate or cozy feeling when anyone enters the living room. This trick can be further applied as a unique trick for other parts of your house.

  1. Home Renovation Toronto Experts are Transforming the Area under the Stairs

Does your house have a staircase? Is the area under the staircase left initialized? Then, you are losing out on a great opportunity to maximize the available physical space of your house. You can consult our home and kitchen renovation experts to get some shelves installed there. You can exhibit your collection of books, showpieces, wines, or other luxury items there and make it an extension of your living room.

Further, our home renovation Toronto experts say that you can become creative by transforming that area into a small room according to your taste. Especially, the kids in the house will love this room as there can get easily transpired into their fantasy world.

  1. Using the Space under Your Bed and Cabinet:

Are you familiar with the concept of baseboard drawers? The homeowners often make the mistake of leaving the space under the cabinets and beds initialized. However, according to our home renovation Toronto experts, this practice is like letting go of some utilitarian storage space to waste. They will help the homeowners install some pull-out or gliding drawers in those spaces.

These drawers will further come in handy in keeping all the essentials organized. As a result, you will get easy access to your essentials in a jiffy. Besides, it will impart your house a clutter-free look. This is especially important for small houses that need to be made look bigger for boosting their value.

  1. Kitchen Renovation Experts Suggest Upgrading the Kitchen Island

According to our kitchen renovation consultants, a kitchen island offers more counter space and also serves as an additional storage area. Besides, it can be used as an extra seating option. So, consider getting a kitchen island to give your kitchen an organized and clutter-free look.

You can further experiment with other storage options such as cabinets and drawers with various mechanisms to make the maximum utilization of the kitchen space available. Our home renovation Toronto experts also share some creative ideas like transforming the kitchen island into a mini coffee or wine bar to transform your kitchen into a vivacious hang-out zone. These little things really matter when you think of making value additions to your home.

  1. Paint it to Infuse Some Life

As per our kitchen renovation and home renovation Toronto experts, painting is the easiest and the most budget-friendly method of adding a fresh new lease of life to your property. However, it is extremely crucial that you choose a color that will make the interior space of your house more spacious. You can choose a shade from the color palette according to your aesthetics, but you need to keep your ears open to the experts.

For example, you can choose white or nude shades to make your house look brighter and bigger. Besides, these shades are known to add a serene vibe to any interior space.

  1. Don’t Ignore the Lighting Set-Up:

The kitchen renovation and home remodeling consultants at Astaneh Construction discuss the importance of lighting for making the physical space of a house appear bigger. You can experiment by adding a low-hanging spotlight or pendant light to create a distinct ambiance in your room. However, seek assistance from our home renovation Toronto experts for choosing the right material that will gel well with this kind of lighting arrangement.

  • Conclusion:

Along with all the changes, you can consider making some improvements in your basement, bathroom, or garage area to boost the value of your property. Especially, the basement area can be used for versatile purposes and can sometimes serve as an additional room in your house. Further, you can transform it into your office room, library, or home gym according to your requirements. For more effective and creative home renovation Toronto ideas, you can always get in touch with our experts.

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