Executing Proper Home Renovation Toronto with a General Contractor

A good plan for home renovation Toronto should be carefully made. As it is an elaborate task, you should proceed systematically. In this blog, you will get a clear rundown of the processes involved. To begin with, your task becomes incredibly easier by working with a reputed general contractor like Astaneh construction. The construction services will attend to all aspects of your home whether it’s basement conversion, bathroom renovation, or kitchen renovation work.

Do note, it all begins with proper planning. Poor quality of work is often a result of inadequate initial planning. If there are too many variables included in the plan, you may want to break down the work into phases. Discuss your priorities with Astaneh construction. The experts will provide you with a phased plan to manage your finances better. You will also receive an estimate of how long should each part take, and the costs involved.

Advance Planning

Describe specific goals for your renovation project. Here are a few examples:

  • You want new roof shingles placed before starting other work.
  • You have a single bathroom that makes it difficult for everyone in the house to get ready during the office rush of the morning.
  • You want the kitchen renovation done to create a separate pantry corner. In addition, you want the kitchen to accommodate sitting spaces for other members of the family without bumping into each other.
  • You want basement work done to set up a new home office.
  • You have an old home where the living room feels cramped and closed-in.

These are just a few aspects of home renovation Toronto that you should discuss with Astaneh construction. The more specific you are in identifying your goals, the easier it will be for the general contractor to complete your job.

How to prepare a checklist

Follow these guidelines on how to prepare a checklist for the home renovation Toronto. At all stages, discuss it with the general contractor. Ideally, this checklist is made after the contractor has made an initial inspection of your property.

  • Identify the areas that can be reworked instead of replaced entirely. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much can you save by advance planning.
  • Segregate different areas of your home, and plan accordingly. For example, decide whether to go ahead with kitchen renovation first or the rest of the home. Describe each part with as much detail as you can summon. Of course, you can take help from the representative at Astaneh construction.
  • Prepare a list of “must-have” items in your new plan for home renovation Toronto. In contrast, separate this list from the “nice to have” items that you could have if the budget allows.
  • Don’t neglect an inconvenience because you have become accustomed to it. Instead, ask the opinion of everyone while preparing the checklist for your home. For instance, you may want a kitchen renovation done to keep all the utensils close at hand. Don’t neglect it just because you have become accustomed to having them at a distance.
  • Consider seasonal conditions. The size of your wardrobe may be sufficient in the summer, but it overflows in the winter. You would definitely need a bigger wardrobe before the next Canadian winter.

Aspects of renovation

There are certain common aspects of renovation that should be kept in mind. These aspects are particularly important when you are considering renovation work in the different rooms.

  • Lighting: What are the lighting requirements for the room? Do you need task lighting or accent lighting? Will a single ambient light do the job? Does the room have sufficient sunlight in the daytime? Do you need to illuminate specific corners of the room? These are some of the questions that you need to clarify with Astaneh construction. Also, as lighting work will require opening up the walls for electrical fixtures, it should be done at the same time you are doing work on the walls.
  • Use of space in the room: How spacious is your room? Does it allow you to move freely without bumping into furniture? How can you use this space? Buying new furniture is an important aspect of home renovation Toronto. Your options for buying new furniture pieces are virtually limitless. Do your research and buy the furniture items in the final phase of the renovation work, with painting and finishing done. This holds true even when you undertake a kitchen renovation project separately.

Where to get design ideas?

It helps when you have a clear picture in mind. Since you need to be specific, follow these tips for design ideas.

  • Ask for references from Astaneh construction. See the photos of the homes they have already worked. Browse their inventory. See if they can obtain client permission for visiting a model home done previously.
  • Look for ideas over the treasure trove of the internet. You can find literally hundreds of design ideas and mood boards. Download the images that are close to your vision and print them out. Create separate folders on your computer. For example, store kitchen ideas in the kitchen renovation folder and so on.
  • You can also expand your search by looking in magazines. These are also easy to use as a reference. Suppose, you like a particular colour scheme. Show the image to the representative from Astaneh construction.
  • Visit showrooms and collect brochures. If there is a home show going on in your area, visit there to collect the brochures for home renovation Toronto.

Staying within the budget

Astaneh construction is your partner in helping you to stay on budget. You need to set priorities so that the general contractor can provide you with an accurate quote for home renovation Toronto. Whether in kitchen renovation or other aspects of home renovation Toronto, invest in energy efficiency. This is going to save your costs in the long term. You may also consider DIY in parts. Of course, you have to draw a line. You may not be able to handle the carpentry for kitchen renovation, but you might be able to paint a few of your rooms.

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