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How can Astaneh construction help you with home renovation Toronto? The answer is, practically, everything! We are a reputed general contractor service with the resources and the manpower to handle projects of any magnitude. Leave it to us! Even if you consider yourself an expert DIYer, you should not be taking chances with something as elaborate as home remodeling. Home reno shows on TV make it look like a one-day project, while it is not. It’s a long-term investment that can stretch to weeks, if not to a month, especially for more extensive work. When you hire us, we will be able to provide you with a fairly accurate quote after an inspection of your property.

The Planning Phase

Decide on the extent of the work. Well, of course, you can opt for minor work such as painting and landscaping. But, for really improving your quality of life, you must invest in major remodeling. If the budget is a concern, you can phase out the process. Get a part of it done this year, and more, such as kitchen renovation, done the following year.

The experience of Astaneh construction indicates that there are two types of renovation perspectives. In the first category are homeowners whose priority is to improve the quality of life, and not necessarily to get an ROI on the property. In the second category are homeowners who intend to sell their properties in the next few years, and want a good return on investment from the remodeling expenditure. While in the planning phase, ask for inputs from everyone in the family.

Besides consulting your spouse, don’t forget to ask the children. Ask about the changes that they want to see in the home. Never forget that the idea of a ‘home’ is to live together; the participation of everyone is important. This planning phase for home renovation Toronto is very crucial in deducing the livability of your home.

Whatever be your purpose, Astaneh construction can provide valuable suggestions regarding remodeling your home. We are trusted experts for home renovation Toronto, whether you need to do bathroom refurbishment or kitchen renovation work. By the way, kitchen renovation works are very popular among those who want to get a better price for the property. It never fails to add value and make your property worthwhile for new buyers.

Effect of the Pandemic

Speaking of home renovation Toronto, the pandemic year has had some very unique trends. A great deal of those renovation dollars was spent on making work-from-home arrangements. Since people were forced to stay at home for a longer period, many homeowners opted for improvement work in their properties. Industry analysts also suggest that as there was a surplus of the usual vacation money, many people decided on spending it to improve their quality of life.

Basement conversion has been a top trend, as it’s the place where the home office setup is being set up. Many folks went for kitchen renovation. The number of people opting for bathroom renovation was also significant. A great percentage of homeowners went for minor work such as painting, landscaping, or improved HVAC Systems. Overall, the pandemic has not been able to slow down the construction industry, as we have seen from our experience at Astaneh construction.

The Execution Phase

What are the benefits of choosing a competent general contractor service? As it turns out, there are quite a few aspects that go in favor of hiring a general contractor for home renovation Toronto. Not only can Astaneh construction handle most of the work by itself but also good subcontractor services can be recommended whenever you need them. If you need consultation from a qualified architect or a structural engineer, that can be arranged. You would need a structural engineer especially when you need to make changes in the basement and the roofing.

While you decide on the budget, follow a systematic process.

  • Do some research on the median home price in Toronto.
  • Then, ask a realtor about the current value of your home. If needed, ask for references of a good realtor from the contractor for home renovation Toronto.
  • Once you get these two values, deducting the second from the first will give you the range of expenditure that you should incur on the property.
  • Next, as you have the estimate given by Astaneh construction, you can subtract this value from the range of expenditure to get an idea of your profit margin.

While you are trying to figure the median home price, you should also take into account how much the value should increase depending on the work done on the property. For example, if you are undertaking kitchen renovation work, ask about how much it should add to the resale value of your home. Also, focus on the details when you are trying to estimate the cost of your renovation work. Use a spreadsheet to note it all down side-by-side so that you have a blueprint of action for home renovation Toronto.

Proceed in a Phased Manner

As mentioned above, proceed in a phased manner. Take the job one room at a time to avoid confusion.  Set priorities. If you need structural work done, ask Astaneh construction to complete it first. It may include knocking down existing walls, opening up new windows, strengthening the roof joists, and setting up new walls. That’s a lot of work, and you should complete it first. Then, proceed to the bathroom or kitchen renovation, whichever is your priority. You may need to find alternate living arrangements for a few days until your bathroom and kitchen are occupied. Add this expenditure to the total budget to get an accurate estimate of the costs.

Get it Done

Finally, get the project done. If you are going for a smaller project such as kitchen renovation only, you can focus more on the particulars such as tiling, backsplash, countertops, and lighting. Even when you have a lot more on your plate than just kitchen renovation, do not neglect these details. As mentioned here, if you proceed one room at a time, it is easier to plan everything well. Astaneh construction will always keep you in the loop. You also have the assurance of getting the best materials for home renovation Toronto. Soon enough, you are going to have a picture-perfect home that makes you proud!

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