How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a House in Toronto in 2022?

Does your house need some renovation? Or are you worried about the cost of the impending kitchen renovation work? Yes, budgeting is a concern when you need to make your house more functional, restore it or augment its resale value. That is why you need to consult reliable home renovation Toronto experts who will guide you properly. 

Is there a standard rate for home renovations in Toronto? Yes, there is a standard rate for every home and kitchen renovation. However, several factors can impact the actual charges to be paid by you. Some of these factors are obvious or prominent, and some are so-called “behind-the-scene” expenses. Let’s give you a detailed idea. 

Home Renovation Toronto Costs and Determinant Factors: 

Well, if your house in Toronto needs a complete renovation or some additions, the average charges will be something between $275 and $450 per square foot. So, if you have a house with an area of 2000 square feet, the approximate pocket-pinch will range from $550,000 to $900,000. 

  1. Primary Factors that Impact the Final Budget of a Home Renovation Toronto Project? 

At Astaneh Construction, we believe in keeping our clients on the same page regarding the cost to be borne by them. 

  • Total Area of the House: 

The most important factor in deciding the budget is the available area of your house. Obviously, renovation of a three-storied building will be much costlier than a small 2000 square feet space. 

  • Which Part of the House will be Your Focus Area? 

It is about the renovation of the entire house. But at Astaneh Construction, we have seen that homeowners usually want to highlight some areas. For example, some homeowners prefer their drawing room to be state-of-the-art, while some want to focus on the bathrooms where they can relax. 

As home renovation Toronto experts, we have even seen many homeowners giving the utmost importance to the kitchen renovation work. 

Now, if we talk about kitchen renovation work, the average cost per square foot will be $195. As of October 2019, homeowners have reported spending something between $16,402 and $45,618 for kitchen renovation projects, and the amount is roughly sixteen percent of their home valuation. No doubt, be it a modern homeowner or a prospective buyer, everyone prioritizes a functional kitchen. 

Some more focus areas for a whole-house renovation can be the patio, backyard, basement, attic, etc. 

  • The Materials to be Used for a Home Renovation Toronto Work: 

When we talk about a kitchen renovation or a complete home renovation Toronto project, the choice of material becomes a major determinant of the cost. For example, if you want hardwood flooring, the cost will be higher than MDF flooring. 

  • Finishes Used for the Home Renovation Toronto Work: 

At Astaneh Construction, we always suggest our clients strike a balance among the high-end, mid-end, and low-end finishes used for the entire home renovation Toronto work. This approach helps to keep the budget in check. To put it simply, if you want to focus more on the kitchen renovation work, you can surely go with high-end finishes for your cooking space. Now, you can balance your expense by using low-end finishes for basements or some other areas which are not used frequently. 

  • The Architectural Features of Your Building: 

Renovating a hundred-year-old house will be a completely different ballgame than remodelling a ten-year-old space. Similarly, the architectural features of your house will determine how much you need to spend for the entire house or kitchen renovation. The designs, techniques, scope, and span of the project will completely depend on how your house is built. 

  1. Some Behind-the-Scene Expenses Affecting the Cost of Your Home Renovation: 

At Astaneh Construction, we inform our clients about the behind-the-scenes expenses that may determine the budget for a specific project. This practice helps us to ensure complete customer satisfaction as they have a clear picture of the cost. 

  • Designing the Renovation: 

A successful remodelling work needs proper planning and design. So, the cost to be borne by you includes the design charges. Besides, there is another way in which the remodeling design layouts can impact your budget. Suppose, you have a century-old house and now you want it to transform into a modern space. So, based on the design, we will have to do some deconstruction before we start remodelling. Naturally, the process in such cases will be longer and costlier. 

To stop the budget from shooting up, we, at Astaneh Construction, try to design the remodeling layout based on the existing structure. We rationally explain to our clients the feasibility of this approach. However, if budget is not a constraint for the homeowner, we can always be adventurous, and we are always game for luxurious renovations. 

  • Protocols: 

At Astaneh Construction, we have seen how protocols and requirements of buildings, especially in multi-family housings or co-operatives, affect the remodeling budget. There are many co-operatives that ask for security deposits before permitting any renovation work. Similarly, sometimes, the costs of permits are high, but those are essential for the hassle-free completion of any renovation work. Further, the costs of the permits will vary depending on the type of renovation work at hand. 

  • Demolition and Preparing the Site: 

A certain amount of demolition is associated with every renovation project. The cost of remodeling at Astaneh Construction includes the charges of stripping and leveling done at the preparation stage. 

  • Charges of the Technicians Involved: 

At Astaneh Construction, we recruit a number of technicians based on the scale of any renovation work. So, if your home renovation work demands the involvement of a large team of technicians, naturally, the cost will shoot up. 


Be it any exterior or interior renovation work, it is extremely important to collaborate with a professional and reliable team. If you choose us as your home renovation partner in Toronto, we will listen to your ideas and try our best to execute those within your budget. At the same time, we will share our realistic guidance so that you get a more functional and aesthetic place to live in at the end of the remodelling work. 

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