How to Coordinate Your Kitchen with White Cabinets

White cabinets are clean, simple, and beautiful. If the space is styled, decorated, and set up correctly, your kitchen will draw the eyes of everyone that enters your home. Unfortunately, too much white can appear bland and worst-case scenario- resemble a sterile operating room. Before seeking kitchen renovation services, check out the following tips on coordinating your kitchen with white cabinets.

Textures and Patterns

Breaking up an all-white space may require movement. Textures and patterns provide rooms with movement. Most kitchens feature a textured backsplash or marble countertops. Both items may be too much movement. But, including one of these features in your kitchen renovation in Toronto will take your space to the next level.

In addition to textures, patterns add to the aesthetics of your kitchen. Patterned runners and floor mats soften the kitchen and add warmth. Patterns and fabrics ensure that your cover-worthy kitchen still feels like home.

Shades of White or Splashes of Color

Before beginning renovations, your kitchen renovation service provider will want an idea of what you are looking for. For a truly ‘all white’ kitchen, you can utilize many shades of white. Warmer whites will make your kitchen feel ‘homey’ and appear less sterile. Although the entire kitchen will coordinate with your white cabinets, the various shades of white will affect the lighting and add depth to the space.

In contrast to coordinating your kitchen with white cabinets by using shades of white, you could add splashes of color. This could mean painting the walls a different color, using a colored backsplash, or simply adding pops of color around the space.

Metal and Wood Materials

Metal and wood are naturally colored and textured. These materials add color and texture but they also contribute to the overall feel of the room. Utilizing wood, bronze, and fabric can add warmth to the space. Using silver can complement any cooler colors you’ve selected for your kitchen.

Metal cabinet hardware can improve your kitchen renovation in Toronto. These pieces often referred to as ‘kitchen jewelry’ can completely change the appearance of your white kitchen cabinets.

Wood is often utilized on the countertops and for seating. For kitchens with islands, wooden bar stools can complement the centerpiece of your kitchen. You could also consider a wooden countertop for the island and white countertops everywhere else. Throughout the kitchen wooden spoons, cutting boards, and decorations can complement the white cabinetry.

Ask the Experts

Whether you’ve been picturing your dream kitchen for as long as you can remember or you’ve just started planning home renovations, our kitchen renovation services can help you bring your ideas to life.

Share your ideas with the experts and ask for their advice and input. They have years of experience, industry knowledge, and ideas of their own to offer you. Contact our team to learn more about building your dream kitchen today.

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