Kitchen Renovation Design Tips

There is a reason why kitchen remodeling is one of the more popular renovation projects.  Almost always you recoup the money spent when you decide to sell, plus you have years of enjoying a workable and pleasant room where so many activities take place.

If you are planning such a project, here are some items to consider.

Think Ahead

If you plan enough, you can minimize the chaos during the construction, stay within your budget, and avoid last-minute changes that delay the finish and attack your pocketbook.

  • Meals – How will you continue to feed your family?  If you have an outdoor grill, that will help considerably.  If the weather permits, you can eat outdoors.  Are the counters in your existing bathroom large enough to brew that all-important pot of coffee in the morning?
  • Traffic – Every room and home develops its own traffic pattern.  Consider how the people move now and how it will change when the kitchen is done.  Keep work aisles at least 42 inches wide and increase that if you have multiple people in the kitchen prepping, cooking, or lingering.
  • Study the current layout – Start your project with a drawing of your existing kitchen.  It will help you envision the changes as well as the fit of the new cabinetry and appliances.  Look especially at the size of the doorways in order to move the old stuff out and new, larger appliances in, as well as the height of the ceiling, to understand how the cabinets will fit.

Future Needs

Think about how your family dynamic may change.  If you have a growing family, will any new additions be able to reach the countertops to help you or wash their hands?  Is there a senior family member that could end up living with you?  Accidents happen in a second; make sure there is room for conversion to wheelchair accessibility if necessary.  Adjustable drawers in the base cabinets and pull-out shelves are easier on everyone.

Look at unused nooks.  Is it large enough to create a mini pantry?  Would it be better used as a small desk area or place for a television?  Is there enough room to expand to a larger refrigerator in the future?

Counter space is one of the more important elements in your kitchen.  Think about not just how much space you will have but continuous space for setting out food and plates for a party.  If the counter area is divided up, will you have enough serving area?

Ask for Help

When you are starting your search for a contractor in Toronto, see if they have access to designers.  This can help develop or solidify ideas.  They will be able to explain timelines and ordering materials.

Always keep in mind the big picture.  Make sure your colors are compatible and it is something you like.  Often designers urge for their own preferences or trendy colors or designs.  Be sure you will be able to live with the finished product for a lot of years.

As you develop your list of contractors, include Astaneh Construction among your choices.  They have extensive experience in all forms of remodeling and are happy to discuss your ideas.  Just visit us at


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