Our List of Most Popular Trends from Home Renovation Toronto

Our List of Most Popular Trends from Home Renovation Toronto

Time and again, Astaneh construction presents to you trendy ideas for both home and kitchen renovation. Our experience suggests that the whole scenario of home renovation Toronto is never short of surprises. New trends pop up every season. Some of these are recurrences from old design cycles that were thought to be obsolete until they were not.  Others are newer additions to the trend lifecycle, having had won the hearts of designers and homemakers alike.

All of these are fantastic ideas to consider for your latest home renovation project. But of course, the discretion to pick and choose is a matter of your personal tastes and budget. That said, every single piece of these trends is handpicked to be a value addition, whether you keep or sell your home. We included both indoor ideas, such as for bathroom and kitchen renovation, and some outdoor tips. Without further ado, here are the latest trends.

Outdoor pool installation:

With the latest temperature debacle that Canada is experiencing, Astaneh construction has been getting a lot of inquiries on outdoor pool installation. Much to the relief of our clients, this is an area where we specialize. Although it is something deep-placed (pun intended) than regular landscaping, we are game.


We are also being told by realtors that this trend is going to be a hit with home renovation Toronto, as long as there is the space to install an outdoor pool.  The demand for houses with pools is going to increase in the coming years, assuming that this heatwave is not a one-off event (global warming is real). If you want to get a good resale value on your property, consider making an outdoor pool. Even if you do not have the space for a pool, or you think it is unsafe, you can always install a splash pad.

Lovely Landscaping:

First impressions matter a lot. If you want to impress your visitors even before they enter your home, go for landscaping ideas. Astaneh construction can help you with any kind of remodeling work, whether it’s inside like kitchen renovation, or outside, like landscaping. Or, you can combine the best of both worlds and grow a kitchen garden. Visit the Toronto botanical garden for ideas on vegetables, fruit trees, vineyards, and herbs. If you need a raised garden bed, let us know. Our in-house carpenters are very able in this kind of work.


Apart from helping you with a kitchen garden, the landscaping specialists of Astaneh construction can transform your outdoors just as you want it. We can help design a subtle patio for unwinding or an outdoor room to receive your guests. As home renovation Toronto specialists, we will help you with ideas for weatherproof furniture items that are best for outdoor rooms. Just let us know.


A paint job:

Undertaking a painting job is one of the least expensive (but most popular) trends in home renovation Toronto. Whether you need just the exterior paint done to give your house a facelift, or want a full-on paint job in the interior, we can always handle that. It is one of the classic trends no matter where you apply it, on the exterior, or just for your kitchen renovation We will help you choose the right color palette and complete the paint job with minimum disruption.


Full-on Kitchen Remodel:

Seasons come and go, but kitchen renovation remains a popular trend for homeowners who don’t want to invest in full-fledged home renovation Toronto. There’s no dearth of ideas, and you would need to discuss with our experts at Astaneh construction.

You can try new cabinets, brass fixtures, or install tiles of your choice. You can go for hardwood flooring, open shelves, dual islands, and a pantry room. Many homeowners prefer to have all-black or all-white kitchens for a change. We can help you with the entire process, from idea to execution, with minimum disruption to your lifestyle.

Bathroom renovation:

There is the total renovation work, and then there are partial projects such as bathroom or kitchen renovation. We already discussed a few kitchen renovation ideas above. As for bathroom renovation, you can consider installing a personal sauna. It’s something that’s growing as a trend all over Toronto. So much so, many homeowners also consider installing infrared saunas.


But, if you ask us at Astaneh construction, we would recommend that nothing beats the traditional sauna. If you have sufficient space in your bathroom, you can also get a full-fledged wet room. If you need to eke out space or make a new bathroom, call our experts of home renovation Toronto.

Bathtub re-glazing is one of the most popular trends this year. Did you just buy a cool vintage tub? Go ahead and re-glaze it. Do you have a tub that looks out-of-place in contrast to the new tiles you installed? Re-glazing is the ideal solution.

Work from home corners:

Work from home has understandably been a massive trend in home renovation during these pandemic years. So much so, companies are reporting savings in the tune of billions by shifting to WFH! You get the idea. This trend is definitely going to be more mainstream for home renovation Toronto in the coming years. Besides, many people who lost their regular jobs during the pandemic shifted to a WFH status. The bottom line is, you might as well be considering the conversion of your basement to a workstation.

At Astaneh construction, we are specialists in basement conversion. We will check out the existing structural strength of the basement, make the necessary changes with help from an architect and make an extra usable room for you. Apart from working, basements can be used as a spare bedroom, a game room, a gym, or a personal movie room.


Investing in home renovation Toronto is something that should be done with proper planning. Above everything, you should find a reliable general contractor service such as Astaneh construction. We have considerable experience serving the residents of Toronto. We can handle all kinds of home-related work, either by ourselves or through a credible sub-contractor service.

We consider all work with equal importance, whether they are singular projects like a kitchen renovation or massive deals such as renovating the entire home. We heartily welcome inputs from DIYers and will also share our expert tips on that matter. Ours is a highly professional service that gives great value for money and would ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end results.

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