Going Out-of-the-Box for Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is one of the most common tasks for which our home renovation Toronto experts are hired. We at Astaneh Construction believe that every kitchen renovation work demands unique requirements though the basics remain the same. At the same time, there is relentless pressure imposed on our home renovation Toronto experts as every homeowner comes with the wish of making his/her kitchen STAND OUT.

However, our kitchen renovation consultants of Astaneh Construction suggest that thinking and implementing something out-of-the-box is the only key to accomplish a successful remodeling project these days. In other words, the primary challenge related to a kitchen renovation work today is aligning with the changing demands to make the cooking space more functional, accommodative, and aesthetically appealing. Further, we all agree with Rachael Ray when she says, “Good food and a warm kitchen is what makes a house a home.” So, allow our home renovation Toronto experts to transform your cooking space into something that you would absolutely adore.

Are you raising your hand already as you need a kitchen renovation? Come and get in touch with our Astaneh Construction experts to know what they have in store for you. Let’s explore!

  • Make the cooking Space a Part of your Living Space during Kitchen Renovation:

How about getting an open kitchen that will be a seamless extension of your living room? You can easily equip your cooking space with modern storage options and sleek appliances during the kitchen renovation. Besides, you can get cupboards and aesthetic shelves installed for displaying your luxury items. Trust us! Your guests will also appreciate this idea as they indulge in chats and frolics as you quickly wrap up all the preparations in the kitchen.

However, keeping your kitchen clean and organized is a mandate if you are planning to have an open kitchen. Besides, our home renovation Toronto experts advise to only go for an open kitchen if your daily cooking activities permit that.

Getting an open kitchen is like breaking down the barriers. You may love your traditional kitchen. However, plan transforming it into an open space with the help of our Astaneh Construction experts. They will perform the tasks such as removing or demolishing the wall that keeps your kitchen and dining room confined. Besides, they will rebuild your cooking space with elements such as veneer, marble, and birch.

  • Linking the Indoor and Outdoor for an Innovative Kitchen Renovation

The home renovation Toronto experts at Astaneh Construction suggest that you can easily link your kitchen to the barbecue and dining space of your backyard. You can use the indoor section for regular cooking, while the outdoor part can be used for evening leisure, house parties. Especially, during the winter, it will be a fun place to spend some time with your loved ones. Further, you can enjoy your favorite coffee there on a breezy summer afternoon. To put it simply, if you link the indoor and outdoor sections during the kitchen renovation, it will be a brilliant move.

Our Astaneh Construction experts further suggest installing a door between these two sections to avoid intrusions and maintain privacy when required. This is also crucial for keeping your house protected from extreme weather conditions such as storms, heavy rainfall, and snowfall.

  • Level up Your Kitchen

Suppose you have the floor with limited space available. Then, you can make the optimum utilization of the area by using varying elevations. According to our home renovation Toronto consultants of Astaneh Construction, you can get your kitchen setup done on a raised platform. This will help to give the small space a larger appearance by adding some depth. Besides, you can use thin suspension lights to make the space look more spacious.

However, our home renovation Toronto experts suggest that choosing the right flooring solution is extremely crucial in such cases. In other words, the flooring solution should be durable and sturdy enough to withstand various heavy-duty kitchen activities. You can make this kind of kitchen more functional by getting a marble-topped island there.

  • Use Contrasting Traditional and Contemporary Elements

Do you want your kitchen to stand out? Our Astaneh Construction experts suggest fusing some traditional elements with contemporary ones to give it a distinguished appeal. For example, you can go with classic nude shades for painting your kitchen and a Victorian-style backsplash to create a quaint charm. Further, you can cause a seamless juxtaposition by getting some sleek shelves and appliances installed.

Moreover, you can be creative with the lighting arrangements, choosing the wall textures and other architectural elements to make your kitchen renovation a gala success. Also, you can think of adding a coffee bar or a wine bar to add that modern touch to your classic kitchen. Want some more seats to accommodate your guests? Well, consider getting a smart island for your kitchen that will solve your problem.

  • Keep Your Essential Organized

Well, our home renovation Toronto experts always harp on the importance of getting utilitarian storage options for giving your kitchen a clutter-free look. You cannot plan the kitchen remodeling without chalking out the storage out map. First of all, you have to really sure about the storage space you need to accommodate your essentials. Besides, the storage options should enable you easy access to your essentials.

For example, you can get an island for your kitchen that will serve both as a food preparation zone and a storage space. Besides, you can get shelves and cabinets installed. Further, consider adding some gliding drawers and side cupboards to allocate designated places for your important things. To maximize the space available, you can even get drawers installed at the bottom of your cabinets.

  • Don’t Forget the Details:

Minute attention to detail is extremely crucial while planning a kitchen and home renovation Toronto service. For instance, your responsibility does not end with choosing tiles as the flooring material of your kitchen. You should also take an active interest in choosing the right shade and right pattern of the tiles.

  • Conclusion:

The kitchen renovation experts at Astaneh Construction will offer you a customer-centric solution according to the different requirements you have. So, get in touch with us today for a complete makeover of your cooking space.

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