Planning Your Kitchen Renovation

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Like the entire house, the kitchen is also a reflection of your lifestyle and personality. This space in your house demands regular care and maintenance. But, how to prepare for this extensive task of a kitchen renovation? The first step is to decide how you will use the kitchen and your requirements from it on day to day basis.

American culinary expert Andrew Zimmern has rightly pointed out, “Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.”

A Guide to Prepare Yourself 

for Kitchen Renovation The planning and preparation part of kitchen renovation is quite elaborate. Before you hire a home renovation Toronto service like Astaneh Construction, keep the following things in mind.

  • Set the Goal: 

Have you decided what you need from the kitchen regularly? If yes, you are done with setting the goal for kitchen renovation work. Then, it would help if you thought about how you will like the kitchen to look and function. You can take the help of a reliable kitchen and home renovation Toronto service like Astaneh Construction to help you out in creating a roadmap to your dream kitchen.

  • Chalking Out the Budget: 

Setting the budget for kitchen and home renovation Toronto service demands proper research. It’s not like throwing up a random figure. The entire task of kitchen renovation includes a host of activities. So, it is important to have a detailed discussion with an expert like Astaneh Construction. This helps any homeowner to kick start with a dedicated budget for various activities. Besides, it is important for maintaining transparency between the customers and service providers.

It would help if you were careful while deciding on the budget for the kitchen renovation. One of the biggest risks in any home renovation Toronto service is blowing through your budget. Moreover, until the provider and you are on the same page, the kitchen renovation project’s scope cannot be realized.

  • Designing the Layout: 

The experts of Astaneh Construction always harp on the importance of designing the layout. Popular kitchen renovation ideas, fixture trends and sample layouts can be referred for deciding the perfect solution for you. Different kitchens will have different needs. For example, a big family needs lots of storage space in the kitchen, and a professional cook needs many appliances and counter space to work on. On the other hand, if you have guests frequently visiting your house, you will need a warming drawer or a wine cooler.

  • Decide How Much Kitchen Storage Do You Need: 

Deciding on the storage space is important while preparing for home renovation Toronto service or kitchen remodelling, to be specific. The steps mentioned below will help you understand how much storage space you need actually.

  1. Empty all your cabinets and drawers
  2. Arrange the items according to zones such as consumables, non-consumables, cleaning and cooking
  3. Decide the items you need regularly and those need to be kept in an accessible storage space
  • Kitchen Spaces Which Need Attention While Remodelling: 

Once you are done with the preparation part, any reliable service provider like Astaneh Construction will ask you to focus on different spaces or dedicated work zones. Because one of the latest trends in home renovation Toronto service is to remodel the kitchen according to the work zones. It’s not about designing around the appliances anymore.

  • Different Work Zones in a Functional Kitchen: 
  1. Food storage zone for groceries, non-perishable items, frozen and refrigerated edibles
  2. Storage space for dishes, cutlery, crockery and cooking tools
  3. Cleaning space with recycling bins, trash cans and space for household cleaning items
  4. Food preparation area which is easily accessible to knives, small appliances, utensils and mixing bowls
  5. Cooking space for keeping pots, pans, cooling racks and bakeware

If you plan to make your kitchen more functional; Astaneh Construction experts have further come up with some unique suggestions.

  1. Entertainment area with an island, peninsula, or other bar areas including adequate sitting arrangements
  2. Dinning space for your family and guests
  3. A dedicated workstation for the people working from home including some hidden features such as a touch-screen drop-down computer
  • Choosing the Right Material for Kitchen Redesigning: 

Choosing the right material is crucial for kitchen remodelling and overall home renovation Toronto services. Astaneh Construction experts have divided the kitchen area into 3 sections such as floors, countertops, and cabinets. They have further shared their experience so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Kitchen Flooring: 

Now, choosing the materials for kitchen flooring is a challenging task. You have to keep various things in mind before you opt for the right element. The materials to choose will also differ from one criterion to another. Have a look at the table below.

Criteria Materials to Choose
Moisture Resistance ·         Tiles made of porcelain or glass called impervious (absorbs less than 5% moisture)

·         Vitreous (0.5-3%) and semi vitreous tiles (3-7%)

Durability Heavy duty tiles which are resistant to scuffing and abrasion
Slip Resistance Unglazed and textured tiles or mosaics
Stain Resistance Dense and sturdy glazed tiles
Stability Impervious or vitreous tiles for withstanding extreme weather conditions
  • Kitchen Counter Tops:

Countertops set the perfect tone for any kitchen. Astaneh Construction uses various good and finest quality materials to fuse functionality with aesthetics. The most commonly used materials are:

  1. Granite with various patterns, colours, and thickness
  2. Engineered stone or quartz surfaces for scratch and stain resistance
  3. Laminates for quick and reasonable remodelling
  4. Ceramic tiles to enhance the aesthetics
  5. Concrete for a modern kitchen
  6. Stainless steel for a sleek finish

Kitchen Cabinets: 

The cabinet is the backbone of your kitchen. The best home renovation Toronto service provider will help you design a cabinet layout according to the kitchen’s size and floor plan.

  1. If you are looking for a rich and dark finish, go for cherry wood
  2. Mahogany, bamboo, Sapele and Anglade offer a modern look
  3. Choose ergonomic and durable hardware
  • Conclusion: 

As mentioned before, kitchen redesigning is not child’s play. You should only choose the best home renovation Toronto service for availing timely and budget-friendly services. Besides, make sure that the company you are choosing is licensed and insured. And the parting words – nothing can replace the qualities like professionalism, integrity, and expertise. So, choose wisely!

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