Professional Insights on Step-by-Step Home Renovation Planning

Professional Insights on Step-by-step Home Renovation Planning

Home remodeling work requires a lot of work. You will have to plan out every step of the process. The process of home renovation Toronto typically starts with an inspection of the property. Call Astaneh construction to have a look at your property and provide you a transparent quote. Our experts will provide the tentative breakdown of the costs according to your remodeling requirements so that you can fix a budget and stick to it. We handle all kinds of remodeling projects, from standalone bathroom and kitchen renovation to full-fledged work on your property.  Here are the steps we would typically follow to complete your remodeling project on time.

Setting up a plan

You should begin with a running list of things you must have in your home, along with changes that would be nice to have. This helps to pin a price on the cost of materials. We will also set a price of labor, which is roughly 30% of the total expenditure. The average cost of the items necessary for the renovation work is taken into account to provide a breakdown.

You should always have some amount set aside as a contingency plan to cover up additional expenses. This is a safety net as unforeseen issues may arise in the process of home renovation Toronto. For example, we may discover a damaged foundation while working on a kitchen renovation, and you might have to pay for the structural repair. If everything goes alright, a large part of this contingency amount gets saved, which you can use later to splurge on home decoration.

At this stage, Astaneh construction will suggest tips to save money. You can use recycled materials sourced online or from thrift shops. You can also recycle some parts of your existing material. If you are an experienced DIYer, this is the phase where you discuss the parts of work that you can do by yourself and save labor costs. If DIY is not your forte, always leave it to the professionals to complete the work.

Astaneh construction is a reputed contractor service in Toronto. We can handle most of the remodeling work ourselves. If subcontractor support is needed, we can help you find the most reliable people in Toronto. We can provide you references and credentials to gauge the quality of our work beforehand. Our service is fully insured and is highly trusted to deliver quality results. We will also help with acquiring the permits for home renovation Toronto.

The execution phase

Once the initial plan is in place, we will proceed with the work. Depending on the extent of the project, it will be done in a phased manner causing minimum disruption to your life. This part includes a lot of demolition work along with reconstruction. Though it may be tempting to handle some of the demolition work by yourself, it is better left to professionals. Improper demolition can actually cause damage to the foundation or the plumbing lines. The experts at home renovation Toronto will cover the demolition and the disposal of the waste. Astaneh construction is an expert in full kitchen renovation, and bathroom remodeling works. We can handle everything from custom carpentry to plumbing without the need for hiring subcontractors.

Discuss your remodeling ideas with us to have your dream kitchen. From backsplashes to flooring and installation of islands, we cover the entire gamut of work. We would also help you choose a color palette for the kitchen tallying with the décor in the rest of the house. Kitchen renovation is considered one of the most important value additions to your home, and it can get you a better price when you sell your property. Even if you are not planning to sell, a remodeled kitchen lifts the standard of living and is one of those factors that make a house a home.

We will help you choose the right tiling for kitchen renovation and bathroom remodeling, along with suggestions on other aspects such as the lighting. In fact, Astaneh construction will help you select the lights for the entire household as it is an integral aspect of home renovation Toronto. We handle all sorts of electrical and plumbing work without necessarily hiring a sub-contractor.

Both in the planning and execution phases, we would suggest that you provide us with pictorial references of what you want. We can bring your ideas to life, whether they are your own or you show them as references from décor catalogs and magazines.

Investing in basement remodeling is one of the latest trends in home renovation Toronto. Like kitchen renovation, Astaneh construction is also an expert in reworking the basement. Whether you need a new cinema room, a gym, or a room for work from home, we would remodel the basement just as you want. However, this is also the work where a great deal of structural improvements may need to be made. Our experts will be providing you with a competent breakdown of the costs as usual.

Astaneh construction will handle everything to be up to your expectations. Our years of experience in home renovation Toronto makes us experts in installing drywall, tiling, doors, and windows. During the planning phase, we will also provide you with inputs from an architect and structural engineer if the nature of your work requires the same. We will proceed systematically and safely. At all times, whether in kitchen renovation or basement work, we maintain the priority of your safety, comfort, and aesthetic satisfaction.

Painting and cleanup

This is the final phase of the work. The whole process of home renovation Toronto can take from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the type of work.  Astaneh construction will do its best to provide a tentative timeline for setting a timeframe and completing the work. We have a team of highly experienced professionals specializing in various areas. Each new project presents us with a fresh opportunity to expand our portfolio and hone our skills. We work at a fast pace, whether it’s a kitchen renovation, bathroom work, or the entire house. A dedicated project manager will be assigned for your project who will keep you in the loop from start to finish.  

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