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Project Overview

What started out as a simple kitchen renovation project turned into a complete transformation of the main floor and selective areas of the second floor. Our team worked closely with the homeowners to bring their vision to life, incorporating updates to flooring, stairs, painting, and trim work. The kitchen remodel was the initial focus of the project, with new appliances, cabinets, and countertops installed to create a more modern and functional space. From there, we worked to update the rest of the main floor, including the installation of hardwood flooring that added warmth and character to the space. One of the most noticeable changes was the refurbishment of the stairs, which had become worn and dated over time. We sanded and stained the stairs to match the new flooring, bringing new life to this key focal point of the home. In addition to the main floor updates, we also tackled painting and trim work throughout the main and second floors. The homeowners chose a fresh, neutral color palette that helped to brighten up the space and create a cohesive look throughout. Finally, we updated all of the trim work on both floors, including baseboards, window and door frames, and crown molding. This helped to tie together all of the design elements and create a polished and sophisticated look throughout the space. Despite the additional work that was added to the project, we were able to complete it in just three months from start to finish. We worked closely with the homeowners throughout the process to ensure that their vision was realized, and they were thrilled with the final result. The updated space is not only more functional and stylish, but it will also add value to the home for years to come.


Our Kitchen Renovation and Bathroom Renovation Craftsmanship will blow you away!


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Our Kitchen Renovation and Bathroom Renovation Craftsmanship will blow you away!


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