Renovating A Kitchen: Where to Start

When you consider home renovations, two popular renovations come to mind. These common renovations are the bathrooms and the kitchen. Unfortunately, the two of these remodels are also the most expensive and complicated interior renovations.

There are so many steps to renovating a kitchen, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. Whether the renovation is DIY or completed by a professional, you will be an active part of the renovation, so it’s important that you have an idea of what the process is.

Research & Ideas

There are five key steps to a kitchen remodel. The first step is to research materials, layouts, designs, and everything else related to your remodel. After you’ve researched the niche, it’s time to gather your own ideas and figure out what you want. Once you have pictured what you want your kitchen to look like in your head, try to sketch it on paper. This will provide you with something to work off of.

Budgeting & Time Management

Based on your research and ideas, come up with a realistic budget. Remember, one of the worst renovation fails is ignoring the importance of setting a budget. Once you’ve figured out a number, determine how much can be spent on each task. Consider flooring, counters, appliances, and everything else needed for your kitchen.

In addition to creating a budget, you will need to create a timeline. Consider when you would like to start demolition and when you need to have the project completed. These are good places to start and stop your timeline.

Screening & Consulting Professionals

The sketch you’ve created, the budget you’ve outlined, and the timeline you’ve set are all materials that you should bring when screening and consulting professional kitchen renovators. Let them know what your budget and timeline are and be honest about what you would like from them.

When screening renovators, pay attention to their insurance, licenses, and certifications. These things will protect you and your home from damage and financial penalties.

Prepare & Demolition

Before beginning demolition, you need to prepare. Preparing for demolition means setting up a temporary kitchen or making alternative plans for meals while the kitchen is not in use. Kitchen renovations can be inconvenient, but they add so much value to your home.

Once preparations are in place, you can begin demolition. Demolition consists of pulling out the old appliances and tearing up the old design. Flooring will need to be ripped up and depending on the renovations sometimes walls need to be knocked down.


Finally, it’s time to renovate. Typically renovations begin by resolving any plumbing and electrical issues. Once the logistics are handled, the fun part begins. Next, the walls are painted, flooring, cabinets, and countertops are installed. Typically the backsplash and appliances are placed next. Then, renovations are completed and you can begin decorating your newly renovated kitchen.


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