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Why Astaneh Construction?

First off, we understand our clients' pain points. We know you're bursting at the seams, and rooms are filling up with everything except what should be there. The best description of your interior theme is "cluttered." Nothing seems to clear up the mess, no matter how much you shift things around. Family members are tripping over each other, and that precious commodity we call privacy is like the elusive butterfly.

So, let's face it, you've run out of space - outgrown the house you've called home for so many years. However, packing up the family and finding a new residence in perhaps a distant neighbourhood, with realtor commissions and probably higher mortgage rates in the mix, is a severe challenge. Moreover, you love your community and location and would stay forever - in a heartbeat - if only you could make the house a little bigger!

Secondly, we know how to solve your problem: Here’s the thing - it's easy to say, "add more room," but where do you need it most, and how can you get it done with minimum lifestyle disturbance? So, remove the stress with cutting-edge expertise in your corner to plan add-on construction from start to finish. It begins with practical recommendations that create a vision that'll knock your socks off. Then, once that's in play, it's our job to make it a reality as fast and affordably as possible.

Thirdly, we get to work driven by our passion for home additions because we know our projects never fail to add more asset value than the cost. And there's a good reason for that: Our proven construction methodologies deliver the spectacular standards of home renovation Toronto homeowners expect every time.

Everything read above makes us the obvious choice; whether it's a 2nd story addition, expanding your single-story footprint, reconfiguring your existing internal design, or a combination of these challenges - Asteaneh Construction is the one to get it done.

Navigating the options
A genuinely perfect home addition is one nobody notices unless you point it out. The key objective is to add space without looking like an add-on. In other words, the renovation must naturally integrate with the current character of the home. We do that better than anyone in Toronto.

Going skyward is an Astaneh Construction specialty - adding bedrooms, lofts, in-law quarters, or craft areas. However, that’s only half the story, so read on:

  • We go downward as well: Many don't see basement developments as home additions. Still, if a beautiful underground level with play areas, an office, a second kitchen, and more doesn't exist, turning it into a lifestyle center is undoubtedly a home addition and should be considered.
  • Kitchen renovation is big in our city, with expansive islands and reconfigurations that create more socializing and workspace.
  • Extra bathrooms, a private fitness center, a movie theatre - you name it - and we'll give you the crucial hard-core facts of the best options while simultaneously boosting your home's real estate value. We'll never let our clients overcapitalize - an easy thing to do when objectivity gives way to emotions.

Astaneh Construction is a one-stop home additions resource delivering the most hassle-free results anywhere in Toronto or the GTA. We take care of everything from the first day to the sign-off date, including obtaining all city permits. Moreover, we coordinate all parties involved in the project, from contractors to architects, engineers, and interior designers. Finally, we stand behind our work with exceptional warranty programs for ultimate peace of mind. So let’s get started!

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