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We are a home renovation company that has been delivering a full range of renovation construction services for years in Toronto and across the GTA. The team here at Astaneh Construction genuinely loves what we do, and we are happy to extend our services to you and your home whether you need a full home, bungalow, townhome or duplex renovation. We look forward to sharing our passion for home remodeling with you!

Custom Home Renovation Services For You

We offer several complete home renovation services including full home renovation, bungalow renovation, duplex renovation, townhouse renovation, and penthouse renovation. Our team consists of in-house contractors so we can assure you the tradespeople working in your home are licensed, insured, and trained to provide the high-quality craftsmanship and execution you deserve.


Full Home Renovation

Our full home renovation service is a comprehensive renovation of the entire home. The time it takes to complete a full home renovation can range from 3 months to 1 year depending on whether the home is being detailed, the size and scope of the project, what parts remain as is vs. what parts will be removed, among other factors. For example, a 2000 sq. ft home would typically take about 5 months to complete from start to finish, and the cost would range from $120 to upwards of $400 per sq.ft.


Bungalow Renovation

Our full home bungalow renovations feature modern updates to your main living areas. The living room and kitchen can be converted into an open concept space, giving the home better functionality and the illusion of more room. Our free consultations allow us to get a better sense of what you hope to get out of home remodeling your bungalow and we can use this time to assess project feasibility and value, collaborating with you in the decision-making process.


Duplex Renovation

Our duplex renovations involve making structural and layout changes to your home to create a separate living space. This may involve adding separate entrances, dividing the interior space, and installing additional kitchens and bathrooms as needed. Starting from $120 per sq.ft, duplex renovation costs might vary significantly depending on factors including materials, labour, permits, the number of home additions, modifying floor plans, updating appliances, and the cost of code regulations.


Penthouse Renovation

This extensive interior home renovation design project can include an open concept, improving lighting, clever storage solutions, or opting for a more sophisticated style. With a focus on luxurious finishes, unique design, and optimizing city views, we will be sure to achieve the penthouse you’ve always wanted. We take responsibility for obtaining the necessary permits and arranging inspections required for legal compliance on renovating a penthouse in Toronto.


Townhouse Renovation

This is a major type of house renovation that differs from condominium renovations because they have a foundation and their own facade. Unlike detached houses, townhouses share common walls and utilities with neighbours. Thus, there are some additional factors we consider when renovating, such as restrictions on relocating utilities and the permits we must obtain that relate to the presence of common elements with neighbours. Astaneh Construction knows the rules and procedures for obtaining permits for townhouse renovations and has experience in dealing with structural issues.

How Much Does Home Renovation Cost In Toronto?

On average, the cost of home renovation in Toronto ranges from $120 and up to $400 dollars or more per sq.ft. For example, in the case of a 2,000 square-feet home, the renovations can be estimated to total anywhere between $240,000 and upwards $800,000.

Is It Worth To Renovate Or Buy A House?

One lesson the pandemic has taught us is that your home is indeed your castle. If you look after it, enhance it, make it an indelible part of your lifestyle with a remodeler that knows his stuff, you get the best of two worlds, namely:

  • Huge capital appreciation.
  • Extra pride and comfort added to your lifestyle.

Living in your home with utmost comfort is one thing. Making one of the best investments available to you today simultaneously is genuinely an attractive proposition. Let Astaneh Construction do the heavy lifting in a clean, methodical way to get your home renovation Toronto style aligned with your dreams on both counts.

Get the Home Renovation You Deserve

You may have bought a house planning to change everything, making it your own before moving in, or you’re living there right now. One thing is for sure; the trusted Astaneh Construction team is your trusted local home renovator in Toronto. We are proud to stand by not just our craftsmanship, but our commitment to customer service. Clear, transparent communication and honest quotes are just a few benefits when you choose Astaneh Construction.



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