Stylish Kitchen Renovation Trends to Consider

Home renovation work does not have to be stressful. With proper planning, you can have a fantastic project done within your assigned budget. As you may guess, it is important to find the best contractor for your project. Choosing a good company such as Astaneh construction can make a world of difference. A reputed contractor can provide high-quality service within your budget. You can finally have your dream home, just as you like it.

Who is a Good Contractor?

Discuss the project with your preferred contractor. Be it prepping up your living room, or adding a luxurious touch to your bedroom, start with a clear idea. You can find the coolest home renovation ideas over online mood boards. Select a good reference for the type of work you need. Once you have a clear picture of your expectation, the rest follows easily.

Here’s a tip. Always ask for references from the home renovation Toronto service. A qualified contractor will be happy to provide you multiple references. A cheap company may find it very difficult to find satisfied customers. Also, avoid contractors that ask for more than 15% of the project budget as an initial deposit. As it is, they may not complete the project and disappear with the money. On the other hand, everything works like a breeze and falls in order perfectly with good company. Besides, a good contractor can also suggest various ideas on renovation work that you will not find elsewhere.

Kitchen Trends to Consider

Have a look at the latest kitchen renovation trends. This year has seen a resurgence of classical kitchens, fitted with marble and all. With the reappearance of classic decor, ultramodern trends like chrome fittings have become passe. Likewise, nowadays, the color palette consists of soothing neutral tones instead of flashy colors. Many homeowners are opting for ornate and detailed cabinet handles as a part of their kitchens. Here are some of the other trends that you should consider this year.

  1.    Sourcing from Local Suppliers

In the pandemic year, online shopping emerged as one of the major trends. In this big basket of online items, local companies also managed to make their presence known. This has been one of the major trends this year and is expected to grow. You can get many kitchen-related accessories from great local businesses.

  1.    Adding Life to Your Kitchen

You can add a dash of life to your kitchen by infusing your cooking place with some greenery. Placing houseplants inside the kitchen does not cost much. At the same time, it is a fantastic trend that inspires you to spend more time in the kitchen. You can also keep a basket of fresh fruits or set up an air diffuser to liven up. Of course, these are not renovation ideas, but they can add a fine finishing touch to your project.

  1. More Marble for the Kitchen

Marble is a fantastic value addition to your kitchen space. It never goes out of style and stays as it is for many years to come. It is also available in different styles and colours. Each piece of marble displays a unique pattern. This makes it a great option when you are looking for a luxurious kitchen. You can get marble in various styles, such as Sasso Rosso, Calcutta, and Carrara. Don’t limit yourself to countertops only. You can have marble backsplashes or use them in kitchen islands.

Speaking of natural materials, they are very popular this year. Wood, marble, and quartz have found their way into many kitchens in your neighbourhood. Even with tiles, those with natural finishes are hugely popular this year.

  1.    Including Big Pantries

If you can find some extra space in your kitchen, invest in big pantries. It is one of the most conspicuous trends this year. Make your pantry more organized so that every item is easily accessible. You can also consider adding a coffee or toast station in the pantry so that the kitchen always looks clean. Apart from electrical outlets, it would help if you also considered adding unique lighting fixtures in the pantry.

If there’s space, you can have a butler’s pantry made. This is a small room adjacent to the kitchen used as a storage space. It can also be a nice prep space for more laborious meals. Check out kitchen renovation inspirations for your pantry space.

A point to note here is that open shelving has fallen out of trend this year. Although these may look nice, it isn’t easy to maintain them. You can instead have closed cabinets with glass or opaque doors.

  1.    Darker Tones and Elegant Accessories

Darker tones are back in style. Decorate your kitchen with darker cabinets and backsplashes. Although dark shades make space appear smaller, yet they are also very comfortable. The trick is not to overdo it. Even when you add a dark something in the kitchen, include some light elements in it.

Decorate your cooking space with elegant kitchen accessories. It is also one of the most notable trends observed by Astaneh construction. There is no limit to great accessories available both online and offline. Use them to impart style and stature to your kitchen. Brass fixtures are great options. These are available in different styles, so choose good ones according to your budget.

  1. Ornate Lighting

Adding ornate lighting fixtures to the kitchen is a hard-to-miss trend these days. Ask your contractor for options or shop yourself for great lighting fixtures. Many homeowners are opting for hanging lights, and your kitchen may well be the next.

  1.    Add an Amazing Backsplash

Backsplashes are focal points in the kitchen. They have suddenly become very popular in kitchen renovation this year. You can also consider adding an amazing new backsplash to your kitchen. You can use different materials such as stones, glass tiles, or ceramics. A backsplash design is always a safe bet. It will either blend in with the rest of the kitchen or provide an interesting contrast.


There you are with some of the latest trends in home renovation Toronto. Including these designs in your kitchen can transform it into a lively living, breathing space. Use your wisdom and discretion to incorporate these and have a brand new kitchen to yourself.

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