The Benefits of a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have become the norm in modern kitchens. Every new home seems to be built with a center island and every remodel seems to include the addition of an island. For those beginning to undergo a kitchen renovation in Toronto, you may wonder whether these islands are simply for show or if they serve a purpose. Designers and architects love to incorporate islands into their kitchen designs because they offer many benefits.

Increased Storage

The additional cabinets offer an increased amount of storage space. When remodeling your kitchen, it is important to consult kitchen renovation services regarding the storage capacity of your kitchen island. These islands can be built with cabinets, shelves, and drawers. Allowing you the opportunity to select the option that best suits your storage needs and preferences.

Expands Countertops

In addition to an increased amount of storage space, a kitchen island expands your kitchen’s counter space. This space can be used to prep food, hold small appliances, and so much more. When considering the design of your kitchen island consider what you’d like to use the space for.

During the consultation for your kitchen renovation in Toronto, discuss different options with the renovators. Are they able to place a stovetop on the kitchen island? Could they install a sink? What about outlets, can they place outlets on the island? These are all great ways to utilize the additional counter space.

Informal Tablespace

Many families spend a great deal of time in their kitchens. They will cook, eat, decorate cookies, complete homework assignments, and participate in games. As the kitchen’s centerpiece, the kitchen island serves as the perfect location to complete these activities.

Children can complete their homework with your help as you cook. Busy parents can work on their laptops at the island as they prepare meals or tidy up. This informal table space serves many purposes, but it can also offer a great deal of convenience.

Party Space

Another added benefit of kitchen islands is the ease they add to party planning. If you enjoy throwing a good party or hosting family thanksgiving, you need a kitchen island. It is the perfect location to place appetizers and other ‘grab’ items, such as; utensils and drinks. But, it could also serve as additional seating space. American families typically have tables that seat eight or fewer people. Even small families, when gathered together, will require additional seating. Your kitchen island is a built-in card table just waiting to be used.


Kitchen islands offer homeowners versatility in the organization, storage, and kitchen functions. They offer countless benefits and they act as the focal point or center of the kitchen. Due to their countless benefits and modern design, they are a kitchen must-have. If you are seeking kitchen renovation services, be sure to ask their opinion on kitchen islands. Contact our team to learn more about building your dream kitchen today.

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