The Benefits of Home Renovation in Toronto in Winter 2022

As you know, spring and summer are the busiest times for home and kitchen renovation. Since so many people want the same thing at the same time, why not do your home remodelling during the winter and beat the rush? This will help you achieve your goals much more quickly. Home and kitchen renovation experts from Astaneh Construction have put together a list of some benefits of home renovation Toronto in winter 2022.

Better Pricing from Contractors

Firstly, it’s a slower season for many contractors and designers. This makes it easier to find and secure a great home improvement professional. Home and kitchen renovation experts from Astaneh Construction compared searches for general contractors during the summer months vs. the winter months and found that there was a 121% boost during the warm months. Thus, you can often negotiate a better deal and save money because they’re not managing as many jobs. Getting the right permits could be simpler, and your job could be done faster as well. Homeowners might be able to negotiate more if they take advantage of the lull between November and Christmas.

Major Appliances on Sale

As per the home and kitchen renovation experts from Astaneh Construction, the end of the year is a good time to buy a new dishwasher or washing machine, as many stores offer deep discounts on end-of-season appliances. It may also be cheaper to buy some manufacturing materials this time of year. To make room for new stock for the new year, retailers are eager to clear out older models. That is why it is an ideal time to purchase new home appliances.

Better Chance to Stick to The Timeline

Those who have gone through a renovation know that timeline overruns are the norm, not the exception. If you start working on the kitchen renovation or home renovation Toronto projects in winter 2022, you might be able to stay on schedule. Everyone tries to meet deadlines during the holiday season. The low season may also speed up your project because it is easier to hire multiple contractors for a project that requires several different tradespeople.

Energy Savings

During the winter, you can also make your home winter-ready by doing some home renovation Toronto projects. Canadians consume over half their energy in heating. So if you are planning to replace windows, seal cracks, and insulate your home, you should do this before temperatures plummet. Be sure to include your garage in your energy-saving upgrades. It is helpful to insulate your garage walls, cover any pipes, and waterproof any garage doors to prevent any damage to your car.

Can These Home Renovations Be Done in Winter?

It is better to do some projects in the winter than any other season. For some home renovation Toronto inspiration, check out these ideas.

Window and Door Replacements

Whether you are replacing a few leaky windows in an old house or upgrading an old home’s efficiency, winter window and door replacements are more effective than summer projects. It will be easy for installers to identify problem areas like leaks, excess moisture, and seal breaches. As per the home and kitchen renovation experts from Astaneh Construction, there is no need to wait for warm weather to apply insulating foams and caulking because new materials stay malleable at freezing temperatures.

Deck Installation

The benefits of having a new deck installed during the cold winter months include lower costs and faster installation. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy your deck when summer arrives. It might surprise you to learn that winter is the best time to install pressure-treated wood for your new deck. As a result of the dry air and reduced humidity of winter, the woods will stabilize more quickly and dry evenly. During the summer months, exposure to sunlight and excessive heat will cause pressure-treated wood to expand, crack, and warp. As per the Home and kitchen renovation experts from Astaneh Construction, these problems won’t occur during winter installation.

Basement Underpinning

Underpinning is the process that raises the ceiling of your basement crawl space and creates more living space. Underpinning can be performed in a variety of ways, but all require excavation. It is actually better to dig foundations and pour concrete footers on frozen ground in winter than on the muddy, sloppy ground in summer because the ground is moist and the air is dry. Winter is the ideal time to create a reading nook, a game room, an extra bedroom, or even use it as a home office to improve productivity and save you time. With new concrete additives, concrete can cure faster during cold weather.

Attic Insulation

Winter brings blowing and drifting snow, frigid temperatures, and icicles along your gutters. Your house may start feeling cold, and you may notice a chill that just won’t go away. This actually happens due to insufficient insulation in your attic. Ice dams are often the result of escaping heat through your roof, melting your snow, eventually causing the icing to form.

It is a great idea to add more insulation during the winter months to improve both the interior and exterior of your home. Whether you choose to do a DIY project or hire a contractor, a good energy audit will tell you what you need. Winter is a good time to do home renovation Toronto projects because the attic is cooler, technicians have more openings, and weather conditions outside do not interfere with inside work.

The Cost of Home Renovation in Toronto

As winter months are generally less busy than summer, you might find that contractors can get the job done more quickly. Take advantage of year-end sales and discounts. Most contractors offer seasonal rates to keep employees employed all year. During the winter, lumber, windows, cabinets, and appliances are typically at their lowest rates.

In the off-peak season, the permitting process and inspection appointments may be expedited so that your home renovation Toronto project can be done more efficiently during the winter. Therefore, if you plan to renovate your home during winter, this could be a great advantage to beat the spring rush.

The cost of home renovation Toronto with Astaneh Construction will range from $100 to $200 per square foot depending on the type and quality of material selected by the client. For kitchen renovation with Astaneh Construction, our prices range from $40,000 to $150,000 depending on the quality of the cabinets, countertops, and additional fixtures.

At Astaneh Construction, we believe that the best time for your home renovation Toronto project is the winter. Let us help you make your home healthier, more beautiful, and more comfortable.

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