The Top 3 Benefits of a Home Addition

If your home is feeling cramped, it may be time to consider an addition.  This is certainly a job for a professional contractor but it may be more achievable than you realize.

1 Multiple Uses

With more remote working opportunities, homeowners are realizing how tight space can be when you are together 24 hours a day, every day.  That room addition can be more of a necessity than a luxury.

If the room is designed correctly, it can incorporate other purposes.  If you add access to a bathroom, you have an office that doubles as guest quarters.

Sectioning the area with area rugs or movable screens, you can share the space with the crafter in the family, or have some space for the children to complete homework while you monitor their progress and are available to answer questions.  It could also be a retreat when you need a break from staring at a computer or space to encourage you to use that stationary bike you invested in.

2 Family Members

Families expand and contract over time.  When you are just starting your life, babies and children come into your lives.  At some point (hopefully) they move out and start their own lives.  However, with an unfortunate breakup or reversal of employment, it could be necessary for them to return to the family home.

If you are being squeezed tight for space, a home addition is a much more economical solution than relocating.  This is especially true if you are in a home that you otherwise love, in a great neighborhood, and a good school district.

We are also an aging society.  An older person may not need assisted living, but just the companionship of others.  With a carefully designed space, they can have their own quarters and independence while everyone enjoys the opportunities of a multi-generational experience.

If your need is not immediate, consider renting the space in the meantime.  The rent will recoup the cost of the improvement and in a short time, you will be making a little profit.

Future Value

A three-bedroom, three bath will be easier to sell and give you more profit when you decide to relocate.

Add a sunroom as a bonus feature.  You get to enjoy the benefits of relaxation and a place for group activities.  The winter warmth from the sun will help with winter energy costs.  You will add a significant amount of natural light to the living space.

An addition to your home will allow you to increase the square footage of your home and give you the extra space you would like.

As you become serious about a home addition project, add Astaneh Construction to your list of bids.  We understand that each project is different and we have many ideas to share and can help you design a space that meets your budget, needs, and maybe some unexpected benefits. Contact them today.

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