Things to Consider About Flooring While Planning a Kitchen Renovation

Well, flooring is probably the most important part of a kitchen renovation. Being an area that experiences massive foot traffic, your cooking space needs to have the most durable, user-friendly, and easy-to-maintain flooring material. However, the home renovation Toronto experts at Astaneh Construction also acknowledge that aesthetics should not be compromised while choosing a particular solution for the floor of your kitchen. In simpler words, our kitchen renovation services always try to fuse aesthetics with functionality.

Moreover, our home renovation Toronto experts always focus on the importance of choosing the kitchen solutions that will make your cooking time hassle-free.

  • Does Your Kitchen Floor Need a Remodeling or Replacement? Deciding While Your Kitchen Renovation:

The home renovation Toronto experts at Astaneh Construction understand that as a homemaker, you have many things to consider for your kitchen remodeling. Sometimes, a certain section of your kitchen may need a re-touch, or it may be the time for a complete overhaul. Also, probably, you are happy with the way the floor looks but have complaints regarding its functionality. Even you may feel the need to change the flooring of your kitchen as it has become dull or dingy in its appearance.

  • Knowing the Requirements:

Whatever the situation may be, planning the flooring solution for a kitchen renovation is pretty exhaustive. Besides, our Astaneh Construction experts recognize the need for customization for different requirements.  For example, you need a proper road map when the floor of your kitchen is completely damaged. However, naturally, this service will be completely different when you require mending certain areas with cracks and chips caused by shifting cabinetries.

  • Depends on the Flooring Material Used:

Our home renovation Toronto experts further suggest that the material previously used for making the floor also plays a vital role in determining whether the flooring needs a renovation or replacement. For, if you have a tiled floor in your kitchen and it acquired chips or cracks, it will need a complete replacement. On the other hand, you can easily fix the cracks and chips on a hardwood floor with sanding and refinishing and reuse it for years.

So, We at Astaneh Construction always ask the homeowners to choose the flooring material wisely when they are considering a remodeling or complete replacement. In one of our previous kitchen renovation blogs, we have discussed in detail different types of flooring solutions. Here, we will highlight how we approach every kitchen remodeling task as your home renovation Toronto expert.

  • Choosing New Flooring:

In case you are going for a complete replacement or new flooring, there is no need to preserve the previous one. As a result, the kitchen renovation work happens more smoothly. At Astaneh Construction, we further help you choose the flooring solution that will perfectly complement the existing décor of your kitchen.

There are many flooring solutions available in the market, such as hardwood, tiles, quartz, engineered wood, and others. Our home renovation Toronto experts will help you find the perfect material according to your requirement.

  • Rendering a Durable Flooring Service:

Our home renovation Toronto experts recommend that preparing a durable flooring substrate is one of the main criteria during kitchen renovation work. They further harp on capitalizing on the opportunities to improve the substrate and application to make your kitchen floor moisture-proof. Besides, a well-applied and durable substrate enables the Astaneh Construction renovators to create a solid and sturdy structure for installing the flooring solution.

If you notice any crack on the floor or some creaking, it’s time to consult our kitchen renovation experts.

  • Special Considerations Made by Our Home Renovation Toronto Experts

Our Astaneh Construction renovators understand that the kitchen, unlike many other parts of the house, experiences moisture, dirt, and spillage on a regular basis. Preparation prior to cooking, cooking, baking, food storage, washing dishes, and other rallied-up activities take place in your kitchen every day. So, offering a durable and waterproof solution is the key to any successful kitchen remodeling work. This is all the more important if the kitchen in your house also acts as the mudroom for endless fun.

However, sometimes, the waterproof solutions are extremely slippery when they come in contact with moisture. This may further cause accidental falls and other accidents. So, our home renovation Toronto experts further help you choose waterproof flooring solutions that are not slippery.

Further, our Astaneh Construction renovators approach every kitchen remodeling task as the scope for adding value to your property. If you have plans to sell your house in the near future, you should definitely consider improving the flooring and other areas of your kitchen. The kitchen is ultimately the place where all family members gather, and hence every prospective buyer will always see the condition of your kitchen while you are selling your property.

Working with Professionals:

The home renovation Toronto professionals, such as your partners at Astaneh Construction, can help you consider the factors mentioned above and choose the right flooring solution according to your project.

The renovators further suggest that flooring installation should be done before installing the cabinetries. Fortifying their point of view, they suggest that it helps avoid the painful process of cutting the flooring material around the appliances and cabinetries. Flooring installation before installing your cabinetries also helps the renovators to give your kitchen a clean look.

There is another reason for getting the flooring done at first. If you are cutting the flooring material according to your existing cabinetry, you may end up having a problem while making some changes in the same. So, it is always a wise idea to get the flooring done before installing your cabinetries.

Many people argue that installing flooring solutions first makes the homeowner buy some extra flooring material. It is true, but we can neglect this little extra expenditure when it comes to choosing the best for our kitchen.

  • Conclusion:

A kitchen renovation is an extensive procedure, and it demands complete assistance from professionals. Especially, the right flooring solution can make your cooking time fun, safe and comfortable. In case you are planning a kitchen remodeling for your home in Toronto, you can choose us as your partners. Our expert renovators are always there to help you out with customized and budget-friendly services.

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