What Comes First in a Home Renovation? 

Home renovation works demand time and effort. It’s also a cost-intensive undertaking. Therefore, the planning phase for home renovation Toronto is very important. This is where you set the boundaries of your budget allocation and set the plan. Astaneh construction has years of experience completing fabulous home renovation projects! It would help if you prioritized, and the professionals could help you with that. 

Feel your home

Most folks focus on kitchen renovation first, but it depends! Ask yourself, and consult with other family members. Most importantly, ask your home! Houses speak in the voices of comfort and discomfort. Pay attention to the creaking floors, damp basements, and dripping faucets. Inputs from family members are vital for planning the home renovation Toronto. Maybe, the wife wants a new kitchen in pastel colorscolours! The kids might want a gaming room in the basement. You may want to have a neat home office beside the bedroom. 

Remember safety first 

Astaneh construction can help you with all of these and more. Also, there might be immediate priorities. Always remember the safety-first principle. You might want to undertake structural repairs first. 

Lead poisoning via old plumbing lines is a critical issue. If you plan bathroom or kitchen renovation, get the pipes sorted out first. Most houses built before 1950 may still have lead pipes. Many concerned homeowners in Toronto ask for lead pipe removal from the home renovation Toronto service. Other urgent repairs include roofing, paint jobs, basement repairs, or even a second story addition. 

Discuss with Astaneh construction. Check if they can also provide licenses architect consultation for structural repairs. You would also need architect assistance for other key jobs. These include adding new rooms, basement remodelingremodelling, and any extension work. 

Starting with the kitchen 

Most home renovation Toronto jobs focus on the kitchen since it adds to the home’s resale value. However, even if you don’t plan to sell your house, kitchen renovation is still quite important. Homemakers would agree that a fashionable kitchen is a matter of social status. Besides, since one spends long spells in kitchens, a change in scene ushers peace of mind! Kitchen renovation can itself be an elaborate task! 

You may want to add a kitchen island, change the backsplash, and change the tile flooring to hardwood. Adding accent lights, a separate pantry room, and replacing the old shelves with modern frameless ones are often priorities. Furthermore, she may also want to replace the existing faucets with chrome or gold-plated fixtures. Tinted glass cabinets can totally transform the looks of a kitchen!

So, you need to talk it up with a kitchen renovation expert such as Astaneh construction. The usual charges for kitchen renovation in Toronto are in the range of $40,000 to $1,50,000. As for the entire house, we typically set $100 to $200 per square foot. 

A new bathroom 

If not the kitchen, the first job for home renovation Toronto is usually a bathroom remodelingremodelling. You might want a new wet room or a complete overhaul of your old fixtures. Here’s a pro tip from Astaneh construction. Avoid installing wooden floors in bathrooms. Woods of all types soak in moisture and can get damaged very soon. It may look classy at first, but soon you realize that the decision has been a costly error! Porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular choices for both bathroom and kitchen renovation

You may also want to have a natural stone bathroom floor. Sandstones and marbles are common choices. Other options include travertine, granite, slate, or onyx. A stone floor is perfect for bathrooms because they look amazing, have that beautiful cold feeling to the naked feet, and is easy to maintain. You may want to gather ideas from the web. Also, you can check out a decor catalog, or ask the professionals from Astaneh construction. Stone flooring is a common theme for kitchen renovation. She may want to replace existing countertops and islands with beautiful natural stones. It should look lovely! 

However, here is something important to remember. For home renovation Toronto involving bathrooms, arrange an alternate residency for the time being. Be it a hotel, Bread & Breakfast or a homestay, arrange it on a priority basis. Actually, you should make this arrangement before any home renovation Toronto project. Always ensure hiring a reliable and reputed service such as Astaneh construction. See that they are insured, and all the details are specified in the initial contract. 

Special restoration projects 

Toronto still has quite a few old-brick Victorian buildings. These homes often require elaborate renovation work, especially if you have been neglecting it for a long time. Astaneh construction has specialized skills to undertake such delicate remodelingremodelling works. Such homes are integral to the heritage of Toronto, as they take you back in time! Restoration work usually involves a lot of woodwork and structural repairs work. Old ceilings may also need a lift, strengthening of the beams and joints. We can provide adequate subcontractor support for such restoration works if need be. 

We also handle landscaping projects. The path leading to the house sets the prelude for the experience in the interiors. A beautiful landscape creates a homely ambiance, and lifts the spirit. You may want a small blackwater pond with lilies. The fragrant water lily and the yellow pond lily are natives to Canada. Keep the little pond some deep so that you can set free a few golden koi fishes! Frame it in a sandstone setting, and you may want to spend all your evenings there! 

Home sweet home 

Other landscaping arrangements include lighting and setting irrigation channels. You can also ask the designer to set a quaint stone pavement through the garden to the paradise you call home! Also, you may want to have a permanent BBQ set up in the backyard. Always ensure that you work with a general contractor who can arrange all the necessary permits. It is important to comply with local bylaws and building code requirements for the greater good! Proper home renovation Toronto can transform your life off to a fresh start. So, always plan well, set your priorities, and shape your reality.

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