What Do We Need to Know About Kitchen Renovation Project?

What Do We Need to Know About Kitchen Renovation Project?

The kitchen is the only area in the house where you spend most of your time with family. Renovating or remodeling a kitchen is a strenuous process. However, it is worth all the hard work. Thereupon, the kitchen is the happiest room in the house. A great kitchen look can enhance your life if you love to cook. You might be dreaming of a kitchen renovation with beautiful decorations and new countertops, appliances, and cabinets? Renovating a kitchen is a complicated project when you consider home renovation Toronto. It requires a lot of plans to cover every area. Since kitchens boost the value of any house, making it efficient yet beautiful is the goal.

Did you know that luxury renovation of the kitchen costs more than remodelling any other part of the house? Earlier, the kitchen was just a room to cook food while it was served in another room. However, with modern ideas, today, the kitchen has become a part of everyday life. People use it for multiple purposes. The tabletops are often used by kids to study or often as a workstation. Irrespective of the size of a kitchen, it is an integral part of every household. Therefore, while you plan to renovate your kitchen, make sure to plan its style, efficacy, and longevity. Experts suggest estimating how much you are going to invest in your kitchen before remodelling it.

Like every construction project, there is always a chance of a certain disruption level. However, with our guide by Astaneh construction, you will be able to ameliorate any injuries. If you are planning a home renovation Toronto, here’s what you need to know about kitchen Renovation.


How Much Time Does It Take to Renovate Your Kitchen?

Kitchen remodeling can be time-consuming, especially when you do it from scratch. However, based on your kitchen size, Astaneh Construction shares the time required to complete renovation. Usually, a medium-size kitchen takes up to six weeks to complete a kitchen setup. However, it may take more if you have an open kitchen area in your house.


Decide Your Kitchen Design

One of the important facets of every kitchen remodeling is the type of design you want to apply. If you hire professional home renovation services, the experts will guide you with the new designs that are currently ruling the market. With the help of Google, you can select the type of kitchen style you want for your household. There are mainly two types of ideas, traditional and contemporary. Consult Astaneh construction experts and design the best kitchen with space, and style for your household.


Know Your Kitchen Requirements

Every kitchen has different needs and requirements. Our experts at Astaneh construction list the client’s needs and redesigns a kitchen layout. Therefore, it is crucial to list the immediate needs of your kitchen and discuss them with the experts. You can discuss countertops, configuring the cabinets, placing the sink, adding flooring materials, and more.

If you want to fix a certain part for your kitchen renovation, note down what bothers you and how you are looking forward to fixing it. Some kitchens have two sinks, just to adjust the crowd. In such cases, experts can help you make a layout of what needs to be done.


Design Your Kitchen Layout with Experts

If you are unable to plan the layout yourself, it is best to ask your expert’s guidance. Before the home renovation Toronto experts start their work, you must plan a layout of what is needed. Since you will be spending most of your time in it, decide how the space works for your lifestyle. Sometimes, people use the kitchen for their laundry works, and in such cases, space can be a problem. The luxury renovation design of your kitchen will bring out space for multitasking.

It is crucial that your make necessary changes wherever required. Some people simply can’t get over their 90s kitchen floor designs. You might want to change the placement of your oven as it is far away from the window. Therefore, ask yourself these questions before making your list for kitchen renovation.

  • Do you have enough space for your kids to run around the kitchen?
  • Can you set up your workstation in your open area kitchen to be able to cook and work at the same time?
  • How convenient is the distance from your dining table to the sink?
  • Does your kitchen have enough space for two people to cook together?


Consider the Infrastructure

You might be living in a really old house where plumbing and electrical infrastructure can become an issue. Therefore, along with the kitchen luxury renovation team, bring along electricians and plumbers to confront your concerns. Astaneh construction suggests, if the infrastructure is not right, the new kitchen model may fall apart. It is essential to understand your needs. However, always keep some variables at the end for your experts to ensure the longevity of your model. Therefore, calling up a professional inspection will help you to start remodeling your dream project without any difficulties.


Remodel Your Old Cabinets

One of the cheapest ways to remodel your cabinets is to reface all of them. One of the expensive aspects of Home renovation Toronto is cabinets. It takes 30% of the total kitchen renovation cost. However, repairing your existing cabinets can be cost-effective by costing only one-tenth of the cost. To remodel your existing cabinets, you will only need $200 on hardware and $300 on paint. You can, however, remove and reinstall the cabinets to arrange your kitchen.


Reinvent Countertops & Update Lights

Lights can give a new look to any kitchen. Therefore, adequate light in the kitchen will make it look bright and spacious. You can add lights beneath your cabinets, or add pendant lights on countertops. Do not spend more than 5% of the total home renovation Toronto cost on light fixtures in your kitchen.

Make sure to do justice to the countertops. If you like to decorate your kitchen, countertops and shelves are the best. Astaneh construction suggests upgrading kitchen countertops can never go wrong. You can bring back your old kitchen by simply using laminate as the material. It gives a high quality, realistic modern look, and all of these are under budget.


Change of tiles Vs. Adding a Wallpaper

Wallpapers may be beautiful, but it doesn’t last long. However, some people prefer using vinyl wallpapers and change them from time to time. Our experts suggest using tiles for a luxury renovation look. Geometric designs of Morocco theme might look great in kitchens. You can also look for simply earthy or classy stone patterns for a backsplash. You can also compare the color with your countertop and create a transition to your countertops. Tiles can create a nice change in the kitchen renovation look.


Final words

It is important to choose the right home renovation Toronto for your kitchen renovation. Turning your old kitchen into a modern one requires a luxury renovation. Hiring the best construction will help you to achieve a beautiful kitchen where you can make wonderful memories with your family. Astaneh Construction uses the latest technology to renovate houses. It was honored with the best consumer choice award in 2021, Toronto. You can consider them as your renovation partner to turn your old kitchen into a modern multitasking space for the family.

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