What is the Best Month to Renovate a House?

As your house becomes old, you need to think about renovation. If the condition is critical, it definitely needs an urgent renovation. As such, there is nothing to consider for an urgent renovation. It should be executed as early as possible without any hesitation. 

But if you are looking for a dream home renovation or an ultra-modern kitchen renovation, there are so many things to consider. From cost to time, you have to consider several important things that have a great impact on your home renovation Toronto project. By considering these factors, you can actually save your hard-earned money as well as precious time. So, it is important for you to conduct detailed research on these factors to determine the best time to renovate your house.

The Best Month to Start a Home Renovation Project

A huge concern for most homeowners is when to start a home renovation project. There is no doubt that summer is the busiest season for home renovation companies like Astaneh Construction. But if you listen to your budget, winter is the most suitable option for you. However, the frigid temperature and constant rain or snowfall can sabotage your home renovation Toronto project, especially if you are looking for a complete outdoor renovation. So neither summer nor winter is the best time to renovate a house. 

Then what is the best month for starting a home renovation Toronto project? Well, experts at Astaneh Construction firmly believe that fall is the best season to start a house renovation or kitchen renovation project. In this article, we will define every reason why fall is the ideal time to start a home renovation Toronto project.

The Weather Remains Perfect throughout the Season

As we mentioned earlier, fall is the ideal time to start your home renovation project. The weather remains perfect throughout the season. If you consider installing wood or tile flooring, you will not find any better time to start rather than fall. As the weather remains a little chilly, you should not be worried about the effect of the temperature if you plan for hardwood flooring or tiles flooring. In addition, it is the ideal time to renovate both the indoor and outdoor areas of your sweet home. 

Moreover, this season is perfect to start any minor kitchen renovation project like cabinetry installation, kitchen sink installation, etc. And this is because the pleasant climate has no effect on any of the equipment used in kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation projects.    

Contractors are Less in Demand throughout the Season

There is no doubt that contractors are generally less in demand in the fall season. If you consider the summer, it is the busiest time for every home renovation company in Toronto, like Astaneh Construction. So instead of summer, if you start your home renovation project in the fall season, you will experience a faster turnaround for most of the project.

 As per the home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction, you can cut your renovation time to almost half by renovating in the fall. Besides, the cost of home renovation will also be lesser in the fall season. As such, you can find many exciting deals (like Black Friday sale or Labor Day sale) throughout the fall season.

Get Good Prices for Building Materials

According to the home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction, fall is the ideal season for buying building materials. This is mainly because of the low market demand. Further, you will find lots of exciting offers on building materials in the fall season. This may be due to the Black Friday sale or Labor Day sale. 

It is also evident that the suppliers are often trying their stock in the fall season so that they can add new materials to their stock before the upcoming festival season. That is why they often announce great discounts on building materials during the fall season. Therefore, if you want to get good prices for building materials, fall is the ideal season for you.

Your Home Will be Ready for the Upcoming Winter

When the colder season approaches quickly, there is always a chance of experiencing extreme conditions like heavy snowfall, landslides, etc. Definitely, you want to spend more time in your home during the colder season. So, you are always in a hurry to complete the home renovation Toronto project before winter. In this regard, fall is the appropriate time to renovate a house.   

The Holidays are Already Starting to Knock on Your Door

You will definitely start to count the days for Christmas and New Year Celebration just after the completion of the fall season. Probably you have planned to throw an in-house party to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But it will become problematic for everyone if you want to host the party in a partially renovated house. So, you are desperate to complete all the minor and major renovation works before that. In such circumstances, you will find no better season to start your home and kitchen renovation projects rather than fall.

Your Renovation Work will Continue without Any Distraction

Unlike the winter and summer seasons, fall is not considered a season for vacations. This means people are back to work, and children are also in school. So, your home remains vacant most of the time. Therefore, this is the idle time for your contractor to start any minor renovation project without any distraction. For example, if you want to provide an elegant look to your kitchen, it is the ideal time for your kitchen renovation expert to start a kitchen renovation project.


You cannot underestimate the fact that your home is an asset, and it needs regular maintenance. If not possible, monthly or annual maintenance is highly recommended. Therefore, it is important to invest in a home renovation project to keep your home in good condition. Ultimately, it will increase the value of your sweet home. We hope after reading this article, we have a clear understanding of why fall is considered the best time of the year to renovate your house.

So if you are planning to renovate in the fall season, contact Astaneh Construction without any hesitation. The home and kitchen renovation experts at Astaneh Construction will be happy to handle any time of renovation project in Toronto.  

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