What to Know When Adding a Second Story

There are a number of ways you can add additional living space to your home.  One viable solution is to add a second story.  This is particularly advantageous if your current home extends too near the property line of your neighbors.  Even if this is not the case, going up means you preserve the landscaping and usable outdoor area of your current home while still giving yourself expansion indoors.

Adding another story will maximize the square footage and usable space for your family and will increase its value at the time you decide to relocate.  If you are in an area where the larger homes are just out of your price range, a home addition is a less expensive and stressful way to go.

Here are some of the steps toward that goal.

Examine Your Current Situation

Start with an analysis of your needs.  Incorporate as many family members as possible so that everyone buys into the project and has an opportunity to talk about needs or wants.

Look at how your home is designed.  The floor plan may determine if you have the ability to expand upward or not.  It will mean adding a staircase and possibly interrupting the current traffic flow.  The exterior is also critical because it will involve walls, roof line, and foundation issues.


When you have enough information, contact your contractor and work with him or her, as well as the design team to come up with the best solutions.  It could be that all you need is an area over an existing garage.

At that time, also discuss any repairs that will be necessary before proceeding.  It could also be an opportune time to upgrade or replace some of the current amenities in your home.


While you probably have some general idea of the cost, it is time to put pencil to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and decide how much you can afford to spend and any financing options.

Since you have a better idea of the scope of your addition, you can get an estimate of the materials, labor, and time involved.


With the financials underway, you need to work with your contractor, possibly an architect and interior designer as well.  Technology offers the ability to 3-D display the changes.  Be sure the company representatives understand your needs and listen to their advice, including issues you may not have anticipated.

When the details have been finalized and you have a signed contract, you are ready to go ahead with the home renovation.  If there is anything that seems as though it doesn’t fit with your understanding, ask questions and be sure you agree.

When you choose Astaneh Construction, you will find you have hired a company that is cognizant of the details, has great communication, and has hired skilled workers.  They are fully licensed and insured and have the portfolio to prove their worth to you.  Then it is just a matter of enjoying your new space. Contact them today. 

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