Developing a Smart Plan for Home Renovation in Toronto

It is not uncommon for owners of old properties to invest in home renovation work. However, as is the latest trend, even owners of newer homes opt for home renovation ideas to enhance the quality of their living space. Astaneh construction is a highly efficient general contractor service offering home renovation in Toronto.

We are equipped to handle extensive renovation work inside and outside your property. Our highly efficient team of tradespeople and workers can deliver superior quality work, no matter what the budget of your project is. Whether you want kitchen renovation work done, or just bathroom renovation, we can handle the job with a high degree of expertise. Here are a few tips on renovation work that should help you plan your next project more efficiently.

Develop a Vision

Renovation work is extensive, and you need a proper blueprint to proceed with it. Carve out a clear vision of your priorities. Astaneh construction can help you develop a good plan by providing credible references of architects and interior designers. Discuss your requirements in advance.

How much area are you planning to remodel? Do you simply want a kitchen renovation? Do you want a basement conversion done to change that unused basement into a home office? Do you want extensive work on home renovation in Toronto that involves everything from the basement to the roofing? Be particular about the details. Always get them in writing, and we will tell you how much it is going to cost. We will also provide you references from other homeowners where we have successfully completed renovation works. Astaneh construction is a full-service general contractor service that can cover the entire remodeling process.

To further develop the vision of your new home, you should look for inspiration from different sources. Check out home renovation shows on TV and let us know what you want us to do. We can handle everything from making elaborate structural changes to surface improvements such as tiling. We can also handle HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services for the new home.

Set a Budget

Setting the right budget for home renovation in Toronto is vital. It starts with calling us for an inspection of your property. As we will also help you develop both the blueprint and action plan, it is easy for us to provide a quote that you will like. Depending on whether you just want a kitchen renovation, a basement conversion, or a bathroom remodeling, your quotes will vary.  The quote will also cover the extent of services required for your home renovation in Toronto.

For example, if you want your roof fixed and get the structural remodeling done at the same time, it is going to cost you more than doing a simple kitchen renovation. However, to say that kitchen work is ‘simple’ is probably an understatement. A lot of work can be squeezed into your cooking space. Your budget will depend on the type of tiles, the types of cabinets, and plumbing work in the kitchen. Of course, Astaneh construction can handle projects of any volume and specifications.

Here are a few tips to save on your kitchen renovation work. You can put them to use, especially if you are focusing on redeveloping your kitchen space.

  • DIY Some of the work: You can do some of the work by yourself. For example, you can do your own demo to remove the current tiles. However, you will still have to rent a rubble disposal unit. Astaneh construction can help you with the removal of rubble even if you are doing DIY. If you need help, we are always available at your service.
  • Don’t move the sink: Moving the sink even only by a few feet can be highly expensive plumbing work. Instead, you can plan your kitchen renovation work surrounding your current position of the sink. Of course, even when you are not moving the sink, you can still replace it with a new one.
  • Buy Some Old Items from the Recycling Center: Visit your local recycling center, and you might be surprised at how much you might be able to save. There are a lot of things needed in kitchen renovation and bathroom remodeling that can be recycled.

Proceed with your Plan

Now that you have finalized the budget for home renovation Toronto, proceed with the plan. Always approach the rooms one by one. This helps in avoiding confusion. It is a common misconception that doing multiple rooms at once will speed up the process. In reality, it causes a lot of confusion that can actually slow down the renovation work instead of speeding it up. Besides, proceeding one room at a time allows homeowners a better scope of monitoring the progress of the project. The experts at Astaneh construction will keep you in the loop regarding the progress of your home renovation work.

While the renovation work is in progress, you should always make sure that there are no disruptions to your normal lifestyle. That said, some disruption is natural as home renovation in Toronto is an elaborate work. You should always plan ahead and make alternate arrangements for temporarily staying somewhere else while workers remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Remember, there would be a lot of action going on in your home. If you have kids at home, make sure that they are comfortably placed in a separate area, which would be a safe room from all the commotion at your home.

Do note that it is highly important to choose a reliable contractor from the first. See if the general contractor can handle everything. If subcontractor work is needed, find out if they can provide it. Astaneh construction is a highly reliable and reputed service. Our service is fully insured, and all our servicemen are selected only after a thorough background screening procedure. No matter the extent and nature of your home renovation Toronto, we can provide you the peace of mind being the right people.

With the right amount of planning and execution, Astaneh construction will soon complete the home renovation in Toronto. We put in the highest degree of dedication and sincerity in completing the work, whether it is just a kitchen renovation or the whole home.

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